Knights Chronicle Tier List

Knights Chronicle is a role playing game being released in 2018 for mobile phone game players. There are more than 150 hero characters present in the game. You have to make a team out of these characters and this team will gain more powers and skills as you make progress in the game. They will become stronger. Every hero has got a unique skill set.

After making the team you will be the leader of this team and you have to lead this team into the battle. Knights Chronicle is a complete battling story based game. You have to battle against the enemy and their bosses. In the multiplayer mode of the game you can add your friends with you in order to kill the enemy bosses and to reach the higher stages of Knights Chronicle game.

Knights Chronicle is one of the best mobile role playing games made with 3D graphics and animations. You can download Knights Chronicle for free from Google play store and Apple app store. You must have a mobile phone with android version of 4.1.0 or above to play the Knights Chronicle.

The characters of the Knights Chronicle game are categorized into three groups.

The leading characters in the group S are Esna – Supernatural Girl and Kali – The Controller, they have some great healing skills. The most prominent heroes in the group A are Amon – The Prophet and Claude – The Undertaker. Amon is a light defense hero and Claude is a shadow assassin character. The main characters in group B are Deimos – Blessed Faith and Karen – Klutzy Waitress. Deimos is a dark knight character.

Best Attackers

Esna – Supernatural Girl
Kali – The Controller
Mina – Spirit Fox
Morrigan – The Slaughterer
Verdandi – The Punisher

Best Defenders

Amon – The Prophet
Claude – The Undertaker
Corelia – Shield Knight
Electra – Charming Destroyer
Marduk – Ironwall Protector

Best Healers

Deimos – Blessed Faith
Karen – Klutzy Waitress
Miss Etica – Dr. Moral’s Assistant
Rue – Grand Duchy Maid
Sid – Wings of Hope
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