Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Raid : Shadow Legends is a fantasy role playing game.It is based on the land of Taleria.
You will be playing a role of a Talerian warrior to defeat the king and restore the peace of the land. In Raid : Shadow Legends, the characters are divided into 16 groups.
You can select the heroes and train them to kill the enemy bosses coming your way. There are different levels in the game.
As you complete the levels, the player gears will unlock for your use.
This is a story based single player game. Raid : Shadow Legends is famous for its rich 3D graphics.Raid : Shadow Legends is a “free to play” game.

We have categorized the characters in four groups S, A, B & C.
The top heroes in group S are Arbiter and Bad-el-Kazar. They play the role of support. These characters are best in the business.
The main characters in group A are Baron and Minaya. Baron is the attacker and Minaya is the supporter. They are as good as the first tier group, just minimal flaws.
Some of the heroes in group B are Elenaril and Eroll. Both of them are attackers. They are a good addition to your team and must be handy in the game.
The top characters in group C are Vizier Ovelis and Bystophus. They play the role of attacker in Raid : Shadow Legends. They are least picked by the players, that’s why they are not recommended.

Tier S

ArbiterHigh ElvesSupportVoid
Bad-el-KazarUndead HordesSupportStrength
Big ‘UnOgryn TribesAttackMagic
Duchess LilituDemonspawnSupportSpirit
Krisk the AgelessLizardmenDefenseVoid
LyssandraHigh ElvesSupportSpirit
Ma’ShalledUndead HordesAttackSpirit
MartyrThe Sacred OrderDefenseSpirit
NethrilUndead HordesAttackSpirit
RaglinBanner LordsSupportVoid
Rhazin ScarhideLizardmenDefenseStrength
Siphi the Lost BrideUndead HordeSupportVoid
VenusThe Sacred OrderSupportVoid
ZaviaDark ElvesAttackStrength

Tier A

BaronBanner LordsAttackVoid
Cillian the LuckyBanner LordsAttackMagic
MinayaBanner LordsSupportStrength
SeptimusBanner LordsAttackSpirit
SethalliaBanner LordsSupportMagic
Kantra the CycloneBarbariansDefenseStrength
Scyl of the DrakesBarbariansDefenseMagic
Blind SeerDark ElvesSupportVoid
FoliDark ElvesAttackMagic
GhostbornDark ElvesSupportSpirit
RaeDark ElvesAttackMagic
Drexthar BloodtwinDemonspawnDefenseStrength
Inithwe BloodtwinDemonspawnAttackVoid
Prince KymarDemonspawnSupportMagic
Maulie TankardDwarvesSupportSpirit
BelanorHigh ElvesAttackVoid
Royal HunstmanHigh ElvesAttackSpirit
SoullessKnight RevenantDefenseVoid
ShamrockOgryn TribesSupportSpirit
Brakus the ShifterSkinwalkersAttackStrength
AbbessThe Sacred OrderAttackStrength
CupidusThe Sacred OrderAttackSpirit
Roshcard the TowerThe Sacred OrderHPMagic
Sir NicholasThe Sacred OrderHPVoid
BloodgorgedUndead HordeAttackStrength
Harvest JackUndead HordeHPSpirit
Rotos the Lost GroomUndead HordeAttackMagic
SkartosisUndead HordeSupportStrength

Tier B

AstralithDark ElvesAttackSpirit
Basileus RoanasHigh ElvesAttackStrength
Black KnightBanner LordsHPStrength
Crypt-King GraalUnead HordeSupportMagic
Elder SkragBarbariansAttackStrength
ElenarilHigh ElvesAttackMagic
ErrolThe Sacred OrderAttackStrength
Grohak the BloodiedOrcsAttackMagic
Gurgoh the AugurOgryn TribesAttackVoid
Hakkorhn SmashlordSkinwalkersHPMagic
HegemonKnights RevenantAttackVoid
IgnatiusOgryn TribesDefenseMagic
IthosHigh ElvesAttackVoid
Lanakis the ChosenDark ElvesSupportMagic
Lord ChampfortBanner LordsHPMagic
Lord ShazarDemonspawnAttackSpirit
Lugan the SteadfastBanner LordsHPSpirit
Queen EvaDark ElvesAttackSpirit
Richtoff the BoldBanner LordsAttackSpirit
ShirimaniHigh ElvesSupportStrength
Suzerain KatonnUndead HordeAttackSpirit
Teela GoremaneOrcsSupportMagic
Tomb LordKnight RevenantSupportSpirit
Tormin the ColdDwarvesDefenseVoid
Trunda GiltmalletDwarvesAttackMagic
Tyrant IxlimorDemonspawnHPMagic
Visix the UnbowedDark ElvesDefenseVoid
War MotherOgryn TribesAttackMagic

Tier C

Vizier OvelisDark ElvesAttackStrength
BystophusKnight RevenantAttackStrength
Gurptuk Moss-BeardOgryn TribesSupportStrength
Mountain KingDwarvesAttackStrength
Skull Lord Var-GallLizardmenDefenseStrength
Wurlim FrostkingKnight RevenantDefenseVoid
YannicaHigh ElvesAttackSpirit


Arbiter is a female legend from the high elves faction, she plays the role of a supporter. Arbiter has the ability to decrease the duration of the buffs of all her enemies. While playing the role of support, she increases the attacking buffs of her allies up to 50% and also heals the damaged allies. Healing depends on the total HP of the ally because she will heal 25% of the total HP of that particular ally. Once the attacking buffs of damage dealers are increased, they will become more powerful and damaging for the opponents. Destiny’s Call skill allows Arbiter to heal the dead allies.


Bad-el-Kazar is one of the best support characters in the Raid Shadow Legends game. He plays a vital role in campaigns and dungeons. He is a very swift and rapid legend who comes with a high HP. Bad-el-Kazar possesses great healing abilities that allow him to heal all the allies upto 20% after taking the damage from the enemies. He can also apply heal buffs to all his allies that results in a quick recovery. Bad-el-Kazar is able to increase the crit rate of teams and all allies up to 25%. Bad-el-Kazar is a very utility player who is handy in almost every game context.

Duchess Lilitu:

Duchess Lilitu is considered as the strongest defense champion in the entire game. She plays a very important role in battles arenas as well as other game situations. Duchess Lilitu places a shield around herself and her allies in order to get protected from the attacks of the enemies, nobody will take any damage this way. She increases the attacks and applies block debuffs to all the allies with her second skill. This proves to be very useful in the battle arenas. Duchess Lilitu puts up a veil on the faces of allies so they will take 15% less damage from the enemies. She also possesses the ability to retrieve even the dead allies.

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