One Piece Treasure Cruise Tier List

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a role playing game release by Bandai Namco Entertainment company. In One Piece Treasure Cruise game, you have to play the role of a young boy named D. Luffy. He wants to become the pirate king and set his own pirates empire. After becoming the pirate king he wants to attack the ships sailing in the seas to get the treasures out.

The One Piece Treasure Cruise has more than 2000 characters from which you have to pick six of them to make a pirate squad. Your squad has to fight against the other pirates who rule the seas and the oceans. For this you are not equipped with any kind of weapons. You have to fight with your hands using different techniques and some special moves. As you proceed with your squad, their skills and abilities will grow with time. which will make them strong. One Piece Treasure Cruise is a 2D pirates treasure game in which you can make your pirates squad the strongest of all.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a very famous and top rated role playing pirates game which is being downloaded by millions of players all around the globe. The game is available as a “free to download” on Google play store and App store. You can download anytime and entertain yourself with the best pirates game.

The characters of the One Piece Treasure Cruise game are categorized into four groups.

Their most prominent characters in the group SSR are Carrot, A Mystical White Sulong and Charlotte Katakuri, A Real Man’s Fight. The leading characters in the group SSS are Lucy, Corrida Colosseum Champion and Garuda Vinsmoke Judge. They are fighters and power house characters.

The top characters in the group SS are Big Mom, Emperor Suffering from Hunger Pangs and Charlotte Katakuri, Big Mom Pirates 3 Sweet Commanders. They are power house and shooter characters respectively.

The most prominent characters in the group S are Magellan, Hell’s Judgement and Nami, the Cat Burglar Deceiving the World, these characters are not recommended.

Tier SSR

Carrot, A Mystical White Sulong
Charlotte Katakuri, A Real Man’s Fight
Monkey D. Luffy, Gear 4 – Snakeman
Whitebeard/Marco, The Fierce Battle at the Paramount War

Tier SSS

Capone “Gang” Bege, “Yonko Assassination Plan” Allied Forces
Garuda Vinsmoke Judge, Germa 66 Science Military Force
Inuarashi/Nekomamushi, Antagonistic Kings of Day and Night
Kuzan, Decisive Deadly Battle
Lucy, Corrida Colosseum Champion
Luffy/Ace, Pirates Rising
Red Hair Shanks, Yonko Changing the Fate of the World
Sabo, Straw Hat Luffy’s Ally
Sakazuki, Decisive Deadly Battle
Vinsmoke Sanji, Germa Kingdom’s Savior
Whitebeard, Voiceless Rage

Tier SS

Big Mom, Emperor Suffering from Hunger Pangs
Boa Hancock, Strawhat Luffy’s Supporter
Charlotte Katakuri, Big Mom Pirates 3 Sweet Commanders
Heavenly Demon Doflamingo, Ruler of the Bird Cage
Kami Enel, Return to “Fairy Vearth”
Nami, Cat Burglar Decieving the “New World”
Shirahoshi, Promised Reunion

Tier S

Magellan, Hell’s Judgement
Nami, The Cat Burglar Deceiving the World
Nico Robin, Archaeologist Revealing the Void Century
Shirahoshi-hime, Ryugu Kingdom Princess

Carrot, A Mystical White Sulong:

Carrot is a female slasher fighter who comes with some excellents stats. With her Electric Charge ability, Carrot reduces the damage coming from the opponents and also increases her defense. She has got the ability to reduce her cooldown time when needed. Carrot can transform herself to Sulong and then hits the opponent with very damaging combos. She provides damage upto 2,450 to the enemies with her amazing long ranged attack. 

Charlotte Katakuri, A Real Man’s Fight:

Katakuri is a very unique and interesting powerhouse fighter of the One Piece Treasure Cruise game. His strong captain effect increases the attacks of fighters, strikers, shooter, cerebrals and powerhouses. Katakuri has got the 205 damage reducer. The Burning Mochi skill allows him to provide extensive damage to the opponents. All these skills and abilities make Katakuri a very useful character in the game. 

Monkey D. Luffy, Gear 4 – Snakeman:

Monkey D. Luffy is the leading character of One Piece Treasure Cruise game. He wanted to become a pirate and then set his own pirate empire. The whole game story revolves around his mission. The sailor abilities of One Piece Treasure Cruise allow him to get immuned from paralysis and it also increases the HP, attack and RCV of the crew members. He deals normal and high damage to the opponents with his special abilities. These abilities also help him to boost the chain multiplier.

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