Summoners War is an action role playing game which was released in 2014. You are supposed to be in a fantasy world where you have to play a role of monster and fight for your survival. You have to collect necessary things for your survival. There would be some other monster present in the fantasy world, you have to battle against them.

There are more than 1000 monsters present in the game. You have to pick your best team out of the list. Every monster possesses a unique skills set to fight the battle against other monsters. This battle would be a strategic battle. You have to make a complete strategy for your team. This strategy will affect the result of battle. You can collect all the collectable items from the playing field to make some equipment for yourself. You can play Summoners War with your friends in multiplayer mode. You can add up to three friends of your to kill the enemy monsters and their bosses in the form of a team. You will be awarded with rewards on killing every boss.

You can fight with the player all around the globe in player versus player mode of Summoners War. You must have a mobile phone with an android version of 6.0 or above to play the Summoners War game.

The characters of the Summoners War game are categorized into five groups.

The leading characters in the group S are Antares (Fire Lich) and Artamiel (Light Archangel). They have got the unmatched moves that can not be compared with any others. The most prominent characters in the group A are Aegir (Water Barbaric King) and Akroma (Light Valkyrja). Their skills and utility in the game is very close to the S tiers. The main heroes in group B are Amduat (Dark Horus) and Betta (Dark Mermaid). These characters can perform well if you handle them carefully. Some of the heroes in the group C are Amarna (Light Anubis) and Anavel (Water Occult Girl). Players around the world hesitate to pick them up. Some characters of the group D are Alicia (Water Polar Queen) and Beth (Water Hell Lady). These characters are the weakest in the list.

Tier S

Antares (Fire Lich)
Artamiel (Light Archangel)
Fran (Light Fairy Queen)
Ganymede (Wind Fairy King)
Giana (Dark Oracle)
Hathor (Wind Desert Queen)
Josephine (Water Paladin)
Pater (Dark Druid)
Ragdoll (Dark Dragon Knight)
Shi Hou (Water Monkey King)
Tiana (Wind Polar Queen)
Vanessa (Fire Valkyrja)
Verdehile (Fire Vampire)
Vivachel (Dark Harp Magician)
Yeonhong (Light Sky Dancer)

Tier A

Aegir (Water Barbaric King)
Akroma (Light Valkyrja)
Amelia (Water Unicorn)
Bastet (Water Desert Queen)
Bolverk (Water Lightning Emperor)
Celia (Light Harp Magician)
Daphnis (Fire Fairy King)
Diana (Wind Unicorn)
Elenoa (Light Polar Queen)
Ethna (Wind Hell Lady)
Garo (Fire Ninja)
Icares (Dark Sylphid)
Isis (Light Desert Queen)
Jamire (Wind Dragon)
Julianne (Light Vampire)
Juno (Fire Oracle)
Leo (Wind Dragon Knight)
Mo Long (Water Panda Warrior)
Nephthys (Dark Desert Queen)
Nicki (Dark Occult Girl)
Oberon (Light Fairy King)
Odin (Wind Lightning Emperor)
Okeanos (Fire Sea Emperor)
Perna (Fire Phoenix)
Seara (Wind Oracle)
Taranys (Wind Druid)
Tian Lang (Light Panda Warrior)
Triana (Wind Harp Magician)
Velajuel (Fire Archangel)
Woosa (Water Pioneer)

Tier B

Amduat (Dark Horus)
Betta (Dark Mermaid)
Chilling (Water Jack-o-lantern)
Chiwu (Fire Pioneer)
Craka (Dark Hell Lady)
Eleanor (Light Unicorn)
Feng Yan (Wind Panda Warrior)
Frigate (Dark Pirate Captain)
Gemini (Light Brownie Magician)
Helena (Fire Unicorn)
Jeanne (Light Paladin)
Lydia (Dark Polar Queen)
Psamathe (Water Fairy King)
Qitiang Dasheng (Light Monkey King)
Racuni (Fire Harg)
Rahul (Dark Beast Monk)
Raki (Fire Hell Lady)
Rica (Fire Occult Girl)
Sekhmet (Fire Desert Queen)
Tablo (Light Dice Magician)
Tesarion (Fire Ifrit)
Tetra (Water Mermaid)
Triton (Wind Sea Emperor)
Valantis (Light Druid)
Verad (Water Dragon)
Wedjat (Light Horus)
Xing Zhe (Wind Monkey King)
Zeratu (Dark Chimera)

Tier C

Amarna (Light Anubis)
Anavel (Water Occult Girl)
Avaris (Water Anubis)
Bernard (Wind Griffon)
Bulldozer (Fire Frankenstein)
Chow (Water Dragon Knight)
Copper (Wind Living Armor)
Fermion (Dark Archangel)
Harmonia (Fire Harp Magician)
Hwadam (Light Taoist)
Imesety (Wind Horus)
Iris (Light Magic Knight)
Izaria (Water Succubus)
Jager (Light Dragon Knight)
Lagmaron (Wind Chimera)
Laima (Light Oracle)
Leona (Dark Paladin)
Lushen (Wind Joker)
Mei Hou Wang (Fire Monkey King)
Mi Ying (Dark Panda Warrior)
Mihyang (Water Sky Dancer)
Ophilia (Fire Paladin)
Orion (Water Brownie Magician)
Rakan (Fire Chimera)
Trinity (Dark Valkyrja)
Wolyung (Dark Sky Dancer)

Tier D

Alicia (Water Polar Queen)
Beth (Water Hell Lady)
Camilla (Water Valkyrja)
Chasun (Wind Sky Dancer)
Chloe (Fire Epikion Priest)
Eladriel (Wind Archangel)
Galleon (Water Pirate Captain)
Han (Dark Ninja)
Jaara (Dark Phoenix)
Kabilla (Light Harpy)
Laika (FIre Dragon Knight)
Louise (Wind Paladin)
Manannan (Dark Sea Emperor)
Nigong (Light Pioneer)
Pontos (Light Sea Emperor)
Poseidon (Water Sea Emperor)
Pungbaek (Wind Pioneer)
Theomars (Water Ifrit)
Woonsa (Dark Pioneer)
Zaiross (Fire Dragon)

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