Honkai Impact 3 is a role playing action game. As you can see the title of the game, it is the third addition in the Honkai game series. Honkai Impact 3 revolves around the group of girls who have to survive in a land full of zombies and beasts. They have to fight for their survival. All the characters of the previous games are right there in this addition. You can customize the equipment and weapons of the characters. You have to make a team of three in order to battle against the zombies and beasts.

Every character has got fighting skills for the battle. During the battle you can replace the characters with one another. Along with the battle you also have to explore and find some collectible things. You have to achieve all the objectives given to you.

In the multiplayer mode of Honkai Impact 3, you can play with your friends. Try to win and unlock some weapons and equipment. Honkai Impact 3 is a free to download game available on Google play store and Apple app store. Go download and enjoy this interesting role playing game.

The characters of the Honkai Impact 3 game are categorized into five groups.

The leading characters in the group S are Kiana (Nether Herrscher) and Fu Hua (Shadow Knight). They are excellent and really damaging for the enemy. The most prominent characters in the group A are Fu Hua (Phoenix) and Kiana (Knight Moon Ray). These characters can cause strong fire damage. The main heroes in group B are Kallen (Sixth serenade) and Murata Himeko (Bloody rose). They are very easy to play with and have some good equipment.

Some of the main characters in the group C are Yae Sakura (Miko Gyakushinn) and Murata himeko (Scarlet fusion). The most prominent heroes in the group D are Murata Himeko (Battle storm) and Mei (Scarlet pulse). These are the weakest in the list.

Tier S

Kiana (Nether Herrscher)
Fu Hua (Shadow Knight)
Theresa (Heavenly hymn)
Bronya (Dimensional Breaker)

Tier A

Fu Hua (Nocturnal squire)
Kiana (Knight Moon Ray)
Fu Hua (Phoenix)
Bronya (Valkyrie’s chariot)
Bronya (Dark Core)
Bronya (Snowy sniper)
Rita (Phantom iron)
Rita (Moonsoul)

Tier B

Kallen (Sixth serenade)
Murata Himeko (Bloody rose)
Murata Himeko (Eclipse vermilion knight)
Fu Hua (Accipiter Valkyrie)
Rita (Umbrella Rose)
Yae Sakura (Gushinnso Memento)
Yae Sakura (Flaming Sakitama)

Tier C

Yae Sakura (Miko Gyakushinn)
Murata himeko (Scarlet fusion)
Murata himeko (Valkyrie’s Triumph)
Murata himeko (Kriegsmesser)
Kallen (Sundenjager)
Kallen (Imayoh ritual)
Mei (Shadow haste)
Theresa (Violet Executor)
Theresa (Sakuno rondo)
Theresa (Luna kindred)

Tier D

Murata Himeko (Battle storm)
Mei (Scarlet pulse)
Mei (Valkyrie Bladestrike)
Kiana (White comet)

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