Last cloudia is a role playing game, which was developed on the basis of relation between humans and beasts. The game has 3D characters along with the 3D environment made with rich sound effects and best background music, the environment in which humans and beasts live together.
This is a player-versus-player game in which you have to fight against the opponent in an arena.
All the heroes in Last cloudia possess the same skills, power and all are equally strong.
You can customize the character to your liking and make him the strongest of them all.
It totally depends on you which character you want to make strongest.

We have categorized the characters in six groups.
The main character in Group S+ is Randi. This is the best hero in every situation of the game.
The top heroes in Group S are Popoi and Godhunter Shin. They have got some great skills to win you a game. Some of the main characters in Group A+ are Lukiel and Primm. They are also very strong but less picked than the upper characters.
The main heroes in Group A are Doura and Goroth. They are very effective in the role given to them. The top characters in Group B+ are Rei and Gravein. They are a little weak as compared to the other heroes.
Few of the main heroes in Group B are White Knight Melza and Kyle. They possess the weakest skills and players don’t like to pick them much in the game.

Tier S+


Tier S

Killer Ice Princess Sevia
Godhunter Shin
Dyne of the Three Sages
Ice General Zekus

Tier A+

Master Thief Robin
Soul Reaper Melza
Prince Gorm
Leena the Warlock
Princess Lilah

Tier A

Doura the Bluebeard
Goroth the Giant
Mysterious Girl Theria

Tier B+

Rei the Beast
Gravein the Sky Hero
Lilebette of the Blaze
Blood Rose

Tier B

White Knight Melza
Kyle the Swordsman


Kyle is a physical attacker who uses melee weapons to counter the enemies. He has got great abilities and very rapid attacks to knock the enemies down. Kyle has a high speed 3 hits attack and some ranged and AoE attacks as well. Kyle is a very versatile attacker because he has access to three elements that are non, fire and light. He can summon a shadow clone and this clone will battle against the enemies along with Kyle. His ultimate move provides extensive damage to the opponents. He can boost the STR to upto 3 when his allies are down. The special move recharge rate of Kyle is high and he also has a maximum charge rate.


Rei is one of the most prominent characters in the Last Cloudia game. He is a physical attacker who deals melee damage to the opponents. Rei can counter the enemies with normal speed of 3 hits and a small AoE attack. He can deal medium and large AoE lightning attacks. Rei is a really powerful lighting attacker, he has the ability to provide lightning damage to all the enemies with 10,000,000 Volt thunderbolt, He can also increase the crit rate for spells and attacks and can recover from the damage, taken by the attacks of the opponents. Rei is not so good in some of the boss fights because of his low INT and MP. His special move and ultimate recharge rate is also on the slower side.


Lilebette plays the role of a long ranged physical attacker. She possesses long ranged attacks with quick reloading. Lilebette can kill an enemy with her 3 hits attack. She has got medium and large AoE attacks and can counter the opponents from anywhere. Lilebette can increase the damage effect and can also heal. The recharge rate of her special move and ultimate move is very fast with the maximum charge. The players should pick Lilebette with at least two melee attackers in the team to get the best out of her and she will deal high DPS if paired up with them. So it is very important to make the best combination to reach the full potential of Lilebette. She can also provide non elemental attacks to all the enemies.


Zekus is a ranged magical attacker in the Last Cloudia game with a high break power. He has got small and large AoE long ranged ice attacks but the reloading speed is on the slower side. Very large AoE ice attack will block everything including the player’s vision. Zekus can apply STR and INT buffs to all his allies. His ultimate skill recharge rate is very fast but he has low MP and INT as compared to other mage characters. Zekus reduces his MP while casting the ice magical spell and the ice magic damage is a bit lower than the other magical attacker in the game.


Theria plays the role of a healer in the game who heals all her allies. She does have some long ranged attacks but with slow reloading. Theria has got 2 light elemental orbs single target attack and a large AoE light attack around caster to kill the enemies. Whenever any of the allly is down, Theria heals him and she can also remove debuffs from allies. This ability of Theria plays an important role in the boss fights and turns out to be a real game changer. But when the health points of Theria are low, magic attacks from the enemies will be very critical for her. Her recharge rate is very slow and she does not have the MP recovery skill. The attacks of Theria are not very powerful, so she mainly plays as a healer.

White Melza:

White Melza is a melee physical attacker and she is also a very good healer. She is very rapid in nature, having a 360 degree angle. White Melza has a very rapid single attack with fast reloading speed. Also small and large long ranged AoE light attacks to counter the opponents. She can heal all her allies and can increase the defense and MND when the HP drops low. White Melza adds extra light elemental damage to the normal attacks. If the players add her in the perfect team combination, White Melza will be a very strong light attacker. It all depends on you how you can reach the full potential of White Melza.

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