Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Tier List (Top Characters)

Dynasty warriors has gained popularity since its official global launch on March 30.2017.We are going to provide you with a tier list of all the top and renowned characters in the game. It must be noted that each officer in the game belongs to a particular clan and each clan is represented by a particular color like blue, red or green. In dynasty warriors unleashed, all the characters contain elements like Fire that is represented by red, Wind that is represented by green and water that is represented by the color blue. Officers are at their best if they are pulled out with their correct element.

Wei Clan: Water/Blue

Cao Cao

Cao Cao was considered to be a warlord and an eminent politician. He was a man of determination who could go to any length in order to accomplish his goals. He dedicated all his life to pursue his ambitions. He joined allied forces with his friends where they developed a strong bond of loyalty. Both of them disagree at some point in their life and end up fighting a battle with each other. Cao Cao defeats him and starts to reign over his territory.

Cao cao is a clever man who is feared by many. He has a never ending desire to free his land from the clutches of the enemies and he is ready to do anything in order to fulfill his plans. He is an angry man and he treats his companions harshly if something goes wrong or against the plan. Cao Cao has no regards for social status and traditions and he judges a man primarily on the basis of his skills and achievements. Cao cao is recognized with sword as his main weapon. Equipped with his weapon, he can make a number of lethal and violent attacks on his enemies. He has won many battles and claims to be invincible.

Xu Zhu

He is a strong man with enormous power and healing strength. He is the companion of Cao Cao and they both belong to the same clan. Once Xu Zhu saved his master’s life and the bond of friendship has prevailed between them since then. He has a gigantic structure and an easy-to-go nature but he can act truly ruthless when it comes to battles. Despite his strength he doesn’t like to be rude to people or treat them aggressively. Xu Zhu is man who is fond of eating and likes to praise his lord frequently. He carries a big club with himself and that’s his main weapon. Xu Zhu uses his big and heavy club to fight his enemies. He has remained undefeated for many years.

Shu Clan: Wind/Green

Guan yu

Guan Yu is known to be an epitome of valor, strength and honor. He endorses the idea of justice and wants to exercise justice between all his followers. He is very down-to-earth and treats everyone with generosity. Guan Yu and his friends Zheng Fei, and the warlord Liu Bei have fought various battles and have been victorious in most of them. They all are known for their powerful built and unwavering valor. Guan Yu is affiliated with a crescent blade which he uses adeptly to counter attack his enemies.

Zhang Fei

He is stalwart general who is feared for his ruthlessness and might. Zhang Fei is known to be very cruel who inflicted merciless punishments on his subordinates and never hesitated in beating them to death. He strongly believed that death penalty can play a very crucial role in curbing crime and terror from the society. He has deep fondness for wine and he also likes to share drinks with his friends. He is considered to be the only one who is capable of defeating the enemy forces with his unwavering bravery and impeccable planning. Zhang Fei takes every battle as a challenge and never turns back to his enemies. He is well known for looking fear in the eyes. He is adept in using his double voulge and often wipes out his enemies with its mighty blows.

Zhuge Liang

This renowned politician was known for his valor and courage. He possessed remarkable fighting skills that he vividly displayed during his battles against the enemies. He was a sagacious man who was both loved and feared as a “sleeping dragon”. Zhuge Liang is very well known for his loyalty to the masters. The bonds of companionship that were developed in the earlier stages of his life are still prevalent. He is known to be the man of his words and he always tries to honor his commitments. He is recognized with a war fan in his appearance. Liang is capable of performing brutal and unique attacks by using his trusted weapon, the war fan.

Wu Clan: Fire/ Red

Sun Ce

He is a very hot-tempered youth who is very popular with his countrymen. He joins forces with his father and they both set on a mission to free the land from the rebels, which they consider as their worst enemies. Sun Ce has got some deadly moves that can even demoralize the bravest. He always respects his opponent’s strength and that often assists him in building good relations even with his own enemies. Known for his pragmatism, he would do anything and everything to defend the inhabitants of his land. He has fought many battles and won many of them single handedly. Sun Ce maintains an impeccable winning record which gives him great strength. He knows the best use of his weapon tonfa and makes fatal attacks when he is equipped with it.

Da Qiao

Qiao is a wise and sensible teenage girl who never compromises on her principles. She is kind of shy and introvert and dislikes treating people badly. She is obsessed with saving her husband and loved ones and she fights every battle to the best of her ability. Qiao is very respectful and sincere towards her elders, specially her sister. They both consider each other as their best friend. Qiao has an iron fan in her hands that enables her to inflict brutal attacks on the enemies.

Jin Clan: Water/ Blue

Wang YuanjI

Wang is a girl who is very intelligent and practical. She is never driven by emotions and has a very sagacious approach towards life. Wang is very caring, gentle and generous towards the weak and the downtrodden. She treats everyone with respect and depicts great affection for the infants. She gained popularity with her fans due to her beauty. She wants to mitigate all the prevalent evils and make her country a free land to live. She is efficient in settling disputes and tries to avoid them at the very maximum. Wang Yuanji is introvert and usually keeps to herself. This pretty girl is very adept at throwing knives on her enemies.

Sima Ye

Sima is a young prince who is well known for his intellect. He is quite intelligent and efficient in handling even the most troublesome problems. He is an embodiment of diligence, perseverance, leadership and valor. Sima has fought many battles along with his father and remained victorious in most of them. He has profound love for his countrymen and he would even risk his life to protect them. This warrior carries a war fan that gives him sheer power. He usually terrorizes his opponents with the help of his mysterious weapon.

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