Rivals of Aether Tier List

Rivals of Aether is a fighting game released in 2017. Rivals of Aether is one of the best fighting games for the players around the world. In this game you have to battle against your rivals. You have got the option to select the rival yourself.

You can choose any of the rivals and start the battle. There are several characters in Rivals of Aether. You have to battle against the rival in a battle arena and try to throw them out of the arena. Only then you are able to win the battle.

There are different kinds of game modes in Rivals of Aether. One of them is story mode, In this mode you can explore the history of your rival along with the battle. In versus mode, you can fight the battle with other players. This would be a one on one battle or 2 versus 2 battle.

Just like that there are other game modes as well. You can play any game mode at any time.

You can play Rivals of Aether online with the players all around the world. Rivals of Aether can be played on PC or XBox.

The characters of the Rivals of Aether game are categorized into three groups.

The leading characters in group S are Forseburn and Wrastor. They are the best heroes of the game who are capable of providing severe damage to the enemy.

The main heroes in group A are Orcane and Clairen. They are also very good characters having high scores worldwide. The leading heroes in group B are Zetterburn and Elianna. Zetterburn is a very experienced character with the power of flame.

Tier S


Tier A


Tier B



Wrastor is surely the best character of the game who comes with rapid moves and can even fly in the air. With his great jumping abilities, Wrastor can quickly move from one point to the other. He can jump 4 times in a single turn and can impose serious aerial attacks on his enemies. He has the ability to destroy the enemies competing in the air. And most of his attacks are aerial based which can be performed while having him in the air. 

You can kill the opponents with Downward tilt or forward tilt attacking skills. Wrastor can create Wind current that lets him move more rapidly to engage the enemies. In addition to this, he can also attack from the ground in some situations of the game. Wrastor has the highest killing rate in the entire game.


Zetterburn is one of the oldest characters in the Rivals of Aether having the element of fire. He is a very deadly and ferocious attacker who possesses strong and powerful attacks. Zetterburn is the best attacker for every game situation and level as he is capable of killing all the enemies and bosses. Fire Amp ability allows Zetterburn to attack the opponents using the flames and it is considered as the most lethal attack. 

In addition to this, he also has the ability to completely burn the enemy. With the Fireball projectile, Zetterburn can impose his attack from a distance. He hits the enemies so hard and proves out to be a horror dream for them. He has the highest killing rate in the game. You can add Zetterburn in any team combination because he is the best attacker and can win you more number of battles than any other attacker.


Maypul is considered to be the best character in the Rivals of Aether game. She is very popular among the players all around the globe because of her great strengths and agile movement. She can move rapidly on the ground and also have some good aerial abilities. Watcher’s Mark is the most prominent skill of Maypul, it is used to teleport the enemies somewhere else or can even wrap them up.

When the enemies are wrapped, you can prepare yourself for the next attack. Maypul can move rapidly and can kill the opponent with the blink of an eye. Maypul is the best fighting character in the game. But she is not a good character to recover, she can’t heal herself well after getting beaten by the enemies. So it is necessary for the players to have the full resources of Maypul available while playing.

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