Dead by Daylight Survivor Tier List

Dead by daylight survivor is a survival horror video game which you can play on your PC, Xbox, Playstation or even on the mobile phone. This is an online multiplayer game which is being played between 5 different players. In Dead by daylight survivor, you have to play the role of a dangerous killer and the other four players will be the survivors. Your role is to find and kill them. They have to hide themselves from you in order to save their lives. There are multiple characters in the game for you and some of them can be downloaded.

The original characters of horror movies are there in Dead by daylight survivor game. All of them can be customized by you.

The survivor players are not able to fight against you. They just have to protect themselves from getting killed by you. They must find the parts of some generators on the ground. After finding them, they have to start the generator. If they succeed in starting the generators then this will open the exit gates for them in order to escape and save their lives.

You can play the Dead by daylight survivor game with your friends. To play the game on mobile, you must have a mobile phone with an android version of 7.0 or more.

The characters in Dead by daylight survivor game are categorized into three groups.

The leading characters in group S are Spirit and Nurse. They are the killers in the game and it’s very hard for the survivors to survive against them. Some of the main characters in group A are The Oni and The Cannibal. They can kill the survivors in one blow. The top characters in the group B are Clown and The shape. They both are a bit weaker than the upper group characters but still they are able to find and kill the survivors.

Tier S


Tier A

The Oni
The Cannibal (Leatherface/Bubba)
The Nightmare (Freddy)
The Doctor

Tier B

The Shape (Michael Myers)
Pig (Saw)
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