Tips & Tricks Of Mortis in SOLO Showdown

Mortis! Insanely strong in a SOLO showdown if you learn how to master him! And how to turn risky situations into quick kills. it’s all about the right timing and how to get good uses out of your gadgets or the star power you use!

  • Always charge up your coiled snake charge bar, when you fight equally strong brawlers with high possible damage. it’s important to make aggressive plays when you are still in a safe distance, to minimise the damage you take!
  • Always go for quick kills in the beginning of a game, this is when no one has a super yet, and you have your gadget which is extra potential damage, which will get you a lot of kills if you are a super quick, first kills then get boxes!
  • It is important when you play mortis to instantly dominate the center of the map and get kills there, since there are lots of boxes, which means that a lot of brawlers will become super strong if you leave them there for too long!
  • Only attack when you are certain of getting the kill, it’s better to sometimes wait and see what your enemy does, it tells alot about who you play against! A reckless player? Defensive player? Aggressive player? This will help a lot if you learn it!
  • Using boxes as shield is very important when you want to play mortis aggressively, when you go for a kill you need to be fully charged up, so you can deal a lot of damage quickly and get fast kills!
  • It’s important to always charge up your coiled snake if you use this star power, so you can get the surprise going which shall always give you the damage advantage in a quick 1v1 fight! Use the super later once u need healing and damage!
  • Always be ready to quickly attack when you enter a bush and finish them with your gadget, dashing away and trying to save yourself is a waste of time when you are in a close 1v1!
  • If you want to get consistent kills/wins, then I suggest to chase anyone and attack when they are wasting amo trying to hit or team with you! Not boxes but kills is what you need early on!
  • The order on when to use super gadgets etc is different for each brawler! Lets say u fight a 6 power cubes shelly attack with super. First to instantly heal from the first shot, and then with normal attacks and finish with gadget!
  • CREEPY HARVEST IS WORSE THEN COILED snake, but not bad and gets underestimated a lot, while you can heal so much after you get a kill which shall instantly save you in dangerous situations to get kills!
  • Creepy harvest is very strong if you want to be aggressive and defensive at the same time. You can get continued kills without needing to fully charge up which is a big advantage!
  • Using it in the correct way, is getting close which shall always be more dangerous, so keep your super ready to instantly heal and deal damage to get the kill kills! Important if u want to dominate!
  • The new gadget is extra good at the start of games, you have to look at who spawns next to you and instantly go for the kills, activate your gadget after you did your second dash! So it can start charging up already!
  • This gadget shall have a different effect each time you use it! Depending on your situation! Use your coiled snake dash and then activate your gadget to get quickly consistent strong kills!
  • It’s important that you do not activate your gadget when you are full amo since that’s already time wasted, take your time with mortis and this gadget if you want to win!
  • Use your super first to instantly heal while you dash to your next enemy when he is long range, so you can instantly recover!
  • Duo showdown game with mortis & a random! This is how you can easily solo dominate in duo showdown! While still taking care of your random team mate, it’s all about timing and the right aggressive plays!


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