Splatoon 2 Tier List

Splatoon 2 is the second part of the Splatoon video game. This is a third person shooting video game that was released in 2017. Many new features and weapons have been introduced in this part of the game. You can pick your characters and start the battle leagues. There are several weapons available in the game. Some of them can target the enemies from a wider distance as they have a great range.

You can add your friends with you to play battle leagues. The rewards will be earned if you get to win a league. Every character in the game will have an ink. Color of ink is different for each character. You have to make a team of characters for the battle and try to cover the area of the enemy with these ink colors. The team may consist of up to four characters.

You can play Splatoon 2 in single player mode. In this mode you will have to battle with the enemy. You have got the option to select your own weapons. There are many different levels in this mode. You have to clear each one of them to proceed on the next level.

The characters of the Splatoon 2 game are categorized into seven groups.

The leading characters in the group S are Tentatek Splattershot and .52 Gal. You are recommended to pick these characters every time you play. The most prominent heroes in group A are Berry Splattershot Pro and .96 Gal Deco. Their role is very vital in the game.

The main characters in group B are Custom Jet Squelcher and L-3 Nozzlenose D. Some of the top characters in group C are Dual Squelcher and .96 Gal. The most prominent characters in the group D are L-3 Nozzlenose and Aerospray PG. These characters are just average. Some characters in group E are H-3 Nozzlenose and Jet Squelcher. The main heroes in the group F are Aerospray RG and Custom Splattershot. These characters are not recommended.

Tier S

Tentatek Splattershot
.52 Gal

Tier A

Berry Splattershot Pro
.96 Gal Deco
Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose
Wasabi Splattershot
Splattershot Pro

Tier B

Custom Jet Squelcher
L-3 Nozzlenose D
Forge Splattershot Pro
N-ZAP ’83
Splattershot Jr.
.52 Gal Deco
N-ZAP ’85
Neo Splash-o-matic

Tier C

Dual Squelcher
.96 Gal
Neo Sploosh-o-matic
N-ZAP ’89
Custom Dual Squelcher
Sploosh-o-matic 7

Tier D

L-3 Nozzlenose
Aerospray PG
Aerospray MG

Tier E

H-3 Nozzlenose
Jet Squelcher
H-3 Nozzlenose D

Tier F

Aerospray RG
Custom Splattershot
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