My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List

My Hero Mania is an action-packed game that is inspired by anime heroism. Your primary objective is to become a legendary class hero. Your path to heroism involves a series of thrilling quests and challenging battles. Take on menacing villains, confront other formidable heroes, and hone your combat skills to perfection.

All the quirks in My Hero Mania come with unique perks, so picking up the right quirk is very important. Our quirks tier list will let you know which quirks are the best or strongest and which ones are less competitive.

S Tier quirks

The S Tier quirks is the most overpowered quirks in the game, and it can significantly impact the competitive aspects of gameplay. 

Fierce Wings, Cremation, Overhaul, Explosive OFA, Half Hot Half Cold, and Hell Flame.

A Tier quirks

A Tier quirks are often some of the best options available to players.

Dark Shadow, Permeation, Shooting Style, One For All, Explosion, and Electrification.

B Tier quirks

B Tier quirks are considered one level below the A Tier quirks but is still very effective within the game. 

Super Regeneration, Phoenix, Engine, and Ice.

C Tier quirks

C Tier quirks is typically less effective, or more limited in their capabilities compared to quirks in higher tiers. 

Shock Absorption, and Zero Gravity.

D Tier quirks

D Tier quirks are generally considered the game’s weakest or least effective quirks. 

Air Cannon, Super Strength, and Invisibility.
We have covered every quirk in our guide, so that is all there is to say about the My Hero Mania tier list.