Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders Tier List

Rise of Kingdoms is a management strategy game that features more than 14 civilizations. The players have to choose a civilization and start working for the growth of their civilization. Defeat different enemies on your way and make alliances to counter the opponent civilizations. 

All the commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms come with unique abilities, so picking the right commander is very important. Our commander tier list will let you know which commanders are the best or strongest and which ones are less competitive.

S Tier commanders 

The S Tier commanders are the most overpowered commanders in the game, and they can significantly impact the competitive aspects of gameplay. 

Boudica Prime, Tariq, Flavius, Gilgamesh, Guan Yu, Yi Seong-Gye, Nevsky, Xiang, Legendary Scipio, Nebu, Yi-Sun-Sin, Zenobia, Alexander, Jadwiga, Amanitore, Artemisia, Harald, Pakal, Joan Prime, Henry, Sun Tzu, Sargon.

A Tier commanders 

A Tier commanders are often some of the best options available to players.

William, Bertrand, Richard, Aethelflaed, Leonidas, Mulan, Attila, Chandragupta, Ramesses, Theodora, Wu-Zetian, Tomyris, Cyrus, Saladin, Honda, Mehmed, Trajan, Takeda, Martel, Joan of Arc, Cheok.

B Tier commanders 

B Tier commanders are considered one level below the A Tier commanders but are still very effective within the game. 

Suleiman, Cao Cao, Minamoto, Lu Bu, Moctezuma, Constantine, Edward, G. Khan, El Cid, Ragnar, Julius-Ceasar, Barca, Fredrick, Pelagius, Hermann, Kusonoki, Kusonoki.

C Tier commanders 

C Tier commanders are typically less effective, or more limited in their capabilities compared to commanders in higher tiers. 

Osman,, Jan Zizka, Charlemagne, Boudica, Belisarius, Keira, 

D Tier commanders 

D Tier commanders are generally considered the weakest or least effective commanders in the game. 

Scipio and Lohar. 
We have covered every commander in our guide, so that is all there is to say about the Rise Of Kingdoms tier list.