Tales Of Luminaria Tier List 2022 (Best Characters)

Tales Of Luminaria is a free role-playing game specially designed for mobile phones. Every character in the game has a unique storyline, and the story will get deeper as you move forward. Explore the world to collect equipment and power up your character. You have to pick up your favorite anime character and start exploring the world. Tales Of Luminaria is available for free on the Apple app store and Google play store. 

The leading characters in tier S are Celia Arvier and Alexandra von Sonne. They belong to the Jerle Foundation and Gildllan Empire faction, respectively. Bastien Forge and August Wallenstein are the best characters in tier A; both of them belongs to the Gildllan Empire

Vanessa Morax, and Hugo Simon ranks in B tier, while Edouard Rouquier, and Amelie Laurence ranks in the C tier. Some of the characters in tier D are Falk, and Lucien Dufaure.

Tales of Luminaria Best Equipment Tier List

The best equipment in tier S is GE Ceremonial Twin Blades and Jaw of the Fighter, while Black Wolf’s Blade and Thorny Twin Pistols are the most prominent ones in A tier. Katana and Daily Wear rank in the B tier. 

Table of Contents

    S Tier

    Celia Arvier
    Alexandra von Sonne
    Leo Fourcade

    A Tier

    Michelle Bouquet
    August Wallenstein
    Bastien Forge
    Ana-Maria Marschner

    B Tier

    Vanessa Morax
    Hugo Simon
    Gaspard Herbet

    C Tier

    Edouard Rouquier
    Amelie Laurence
    Maxime Hasselmans

    D Tier

    Lucien Dufaure
    Lisette Reginer
    Lydie Delacroix
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