SS Rank:

Tharja, The Dark Shadow:

(Red) You can summon Tharja as a 3★ – 5★ unit. Her Rauðrblade+ weapon unlockable on 5★ can give a foe a +1 on their cooldown count. This is helpful as some of the characters’ Special Skills are deadly. She also has a Vengeance Special skill. This can grant a 50% bonus equal to her damage from the damage she suffered from. Her Darting Blow (1/2/3) can grant an ally a (+2/+4/+6). Imagine having Tharja and Eirika on the same party and you’ll have a great SPD advantage.

Azura, The Lady of the Lake:

(Blue) Azura is abnormally strong against red units because of her “Sapphire Lance” that gives bonus if Azura is against a unit where she is at an advantage. But even so, her biggest contribution to the team is her ability, “Sing”, which allows another unit to take another action on a single turn. This is useful when killing a unit or helping low mobility characters like the armored knights (ex: Draug).

Hector, the Ostian General:

(Green) Hector has incredible Physical Attack and Physical Defense among the other Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Units. Furthermore, he can counterattack no matter the range. He is weak, however, to Magic. It will be nice to have Fae or other healers near him so his full potential can be unlocked.

Takumi, the Wild Card:

(Colorless) Takumi is an archer, which makes it possible for him to attack opponents indirectly without any retaliation from the opponent. Takumi can also counterattack from a short distance. This is his main difference from the rest of the Archers in Fire Emblem Heroes.

S Rank:

Ryoma, the Peerless Samurai:

(Red) Ryoma can counterattack most of the time. His skill, Rajinto, can activate regardless of the opponent’s range. Which means archers and mages can be killed by Ryoma even when they are a few squares away.

Reinhardt, Thunder’s Fist:

(Blue) Reinhardt is a Tome unit on a Cavalry. This means he has a 2 tile range from his tome and a 3 tile movement from his Cavalry. He can move around the map with speed (that is if there’s no forest or mountains). His Weapon, Dire Thunder is a great as it can inflict SPD-5 and can make him attack twice.

Nino, The Pious Mage:

(Green) Nino is one of the units to featured in Grand Hero Ursula Banner. She has a Gronnblade (+) as a weapon of choice. This is a powerful tome as it can make the bonuses add to Nino’s damage dealt. She also has a Draw Back assist skill. This is where she moves 1 space away from a target ally and moving the same ally to her former position. A great Skill to pull your troops away from danger.

Klein, Silver Nobleman:

(Colorless) Klein can go head to head with Takumi with his skills. His Brave Bow+ can give him the ability to attack twice if he initiated the attack. Aside from his weapon, he also has the Passive Skill Quick Riposte that can grant him a follow-up attack. Adding another Passive Skill, Death Blow that adds ATK, he can surely KO an enemy within one to two turns.

A Rank:

Ike, Young Mercenary:

(Red) Ike, one of the most popular Fire Emblem character. He brought his Ragnell weapon in the realm of FE:Heroes. This weapon can counterattack regardless of the attacker’s distance. With a good ATK and SPD, he can KO his foe easily. Even when he is up against another Red Sword user, you can count on Ike and his Swordbreaker Passive Skill.

Linde, The Light Mage

(Blue) Linde has a high SPD stat. Combining that SPD plus her good ATK can KO a foe in no time. Aside from her two notable stats, her Aura weapon can also restore 5HP to any adjacent ally. She also shares her SPD by activating her passive skill SPD (1/2/3) that can grant SPD (+1/+2/+3).

Julia, Naga’s Blood:

(Green) Julia has Naga’s Blood. She is effective against Dragons. As a Tome Infantry unit, she has a 2 tile range. Her Weapon, Naga, can grant a bonus of DEF/RES+2 if she is attacked. Her Special Skill Dragon Fang is OP too as it can grant her an additional +50% to ATK.

Jaffar, Angel of Death:

(Colorless) Although with a scary low DEF and RES, Jaffar makes it to the tier list. He has Deathly Dagger that can inflict DEF/RES -7 to his foes that make them softer and easier to KO. Adding his Passive Skill, Life and Death to add ATK and inflict another DEF/RES debuff, this will make sure Jaffar ends his opponents swiftly in one turn.

B Rank:

Eirika, The Restoration Lady

(Red) She is one of the featured units on the New Heroes: Family Bonds banner. Eirika went ahead of her brother Ephraim, she being a great support and offense ally. Her weapon Sieglinde can grant adjacent allies ATK +3 like her brother’s Siegmund. What makes her good is she has the Hone SPD (1/2/3) that can add SPD (+2/+3/+4) to nearby allies too. Remember that the more SPD a unit has, the more attacks it can deal. Her Drag Back passive skill is notable too. It that can drag an opponent to her previous spot and make the foe vulnerable to your allies.

Ninian, Oracle of Destiny:

(Blue) Ninian also has the ability to Dance just like Azura. With her being a Dragon is also a plus too if you’re not facing Julia, Marth, Chrom, or Lucina. Her Light Breath move gives adjacent allies DEF/RES+4 every time she goes into combat. Her Passive Skill, Escape Route, is also perfect in moving low HP troops away from their foes. This is helpful during Grand Hero Challenges or Missions where all four allies must survive.

Spring Camillia, The Spring Princess

(Green) Spring Camilla is a Flying Green Tome user. With her tome reaching 2 tile plus her movement speed of Flying, Spring Camilla is more OP than the regular Camilla. Her Green Egg+ can restore 4HP every turn. Once fused with Michalis’ Iote’s Shield she can wipe out your foe’s army. Add in Bartre’s Fury 3 and she can be unstoppable.

Kagero, Honorable Ninja:

(Colorless) Kagero is from the world of Fire Emblem Fates. Her weapon of choice are Daggers and she moves with the speed of an Infantry. Her Poison Dagger (+), although only has 5 Might Points can cause DEF/RES -6 to her foe after combat. She also has a Reprisal Special Skill that gives her a 30% bonus damage from her damage suffered. If she’s facing another Dagger user, she has a Passive Skill Daggerbreaker that can grant her a follow-up attack, and the foe can not.

C Rank:

Olivia, Blushing Beauty:

Effie, The Army of One:

(Blue) As an armored unit, Effie has fantastic defense. Also, her skill “Smite” will push an ally two squares away. You can use it to push an ally away from danger or closer to an enemy you want to kill. Only 2 Units knows this skill and the other one (Bartre) can only reach 4-stars.

Minerva, The Red Dragoon:

The Red Dragoon. Can she also be the leader of your party? Check out our review.

(Green) Minerva has the Axe Weapon and rides a flying horse. This means she can easily move through any terrain. As a Flying unit, she is weak against Archers. But if you’re lucky to have Michalis and his Iote’s Shield, you can have that passive skill inherited. Minerva’s Life and Death 3 can grant her ATK/SPD+5 while inflicting DEF/RES-5, this is an A-Type Skill that is helpful in killing foes easily.

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