Fire Emblem Heroes: Tier List Guide (Top Characters)

The game actually revolves around the collection of most powerful and best heroes that can play a vital role in eradicating evil and making this world a better place to live! The pre-requisite for making a strong and balanced team is to pick the best heroes both in strength and capabilities. The purpose of writing this article is that we want to introduce you with the best fire emblem heroes.

This list might need an update as the game undergoes evolution or subjected to minor changes. You have to check it at appropriate intervals that the team you are using consists of the best available players. This list is actually being created by the opinions of various community members and personal experience. There is a possibility that the list might undergo a drastic change so it’s advisable that you look at the list just to get a main guidelines and ideas about the strongest players.

Tier S

This list comprises of the best players available in the game that can enable you to get into a fierce competition with the rivals. Obtaining the best players from the list is a hard nut to crack but once you have them in your team, your chances of victory will be quite high. A strong team is all that is required.

Fae (beast)

One of the most tremendous player present in the game having amazing skills. One must try to acquire them at the initial stages to enhance the team’s effectiveness.

Hector (axe)

One of the most wanted players in the team and a technical possesses strong offense and defense capabilities and has the ability to launch a counter attack from a distance of 1 or 2 tiles.

Camilla (axe)

It’s another hero best known for its AoE, agility and the capacity for double-attack.

Linde (lightning)

Linde another addition to the team is capable of causing severe damage to the enemy forces and it also possesses phenomenal healing capabilities. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Linde is a lethal combination of defense and offense.

Lucina (sword)

One of the most demanded players in the list of heroes. Lucina is extremely popular for its self-healing and anti-dragon abilities.

Leo (fire)

Leo is well known for its fabulous mobility and is a constant danger to the can pose serious damage and also has an attack range rebuff.

Takumi (bow)

Takumi is the only player with a bow. It is liked for its counter attack capabilities.

Tiki young (beast)

Tiki is undoubtedly the strongest hybrid unit available in the list of players. Superb AoE options and party healing abilities make Tiki the best choice in the list.

Tier A

The characters here are good and reliable but not as good as those mentioned above in the Tier S. these players have their own special qualities and they are good at what they do, ranging from offense and defense capabilities and the strength actually lies in using them effectively.

Abel (Lance)

Tis first entry in the list is capable of inflicting serious damage to the rivals but it lacks the ability of recovering from massive damage and that’s the sole reason why it is not included in the Tier S list.

Azura (Lance)

This is another lance user that is unable to meet the Tier S requirements. It is also considered good for its healing of its top quality is that it can revive the fallen enemies.

Chrom (sword)

Chrom is quite famous among the community members but that doesn’t make him the best choice. Chrom is not as good as lucina when you compare their stats but it can be a good choice when lucina doesn’t work well for you.

Cordelia (Lance)

Cordelia is very well admired for its massive damage potential. It doesn’t have great skills that makes it the top choice of the players.

Elise (healer)

This entry makes one of the best healers available in the game. Being extremely fragile unit it possesses a set of great healing abilities and rebuff skills.

Hinoka (lance)

It is well equipped with a splendid AoE speed buff, has a strong double attack which are not very useful for longer fights. It works well with the short fights.

Jakob (shuriken)

Jakob is a fun unit to have in your team. It resembles to ninjas in most of its qualities but it is not that reliable due to its situational nature.

Lilina (fire)

This player can cause severe damage to the rivals but it lacks strong defense capabilities.

Marth (sword)

It has close resemblance with lucina and chrom but possesses inferior defense skills. That is the reason why it’s not the top choice of the players.

Nowi (beast)

It’s another strong beast but not as good as Tiki young and Fae.

Robin (lightning)

It is considered another good choice but it needs initial investments before you can derive maximum benefit from it.

Roy (axe)

Its strengths include causing greater damage and also has strong defense capabilities.

Xander (sword)

This player knows the best use of sword which can help him cause greater damage to the enemies.

Tharja (fire)

Tharja can inflict maximum damage so we can say that it has maximum damage potential but it is not as good when it comes to defense.

Tier B

Here, in the final set of Tiers you can find characters with great skills, damage potential and strong defense mechanism but they can easily be caught in the jaws of death on committing little you need to be very careful while choosing these tier heroes!

Caeda (sword)

It has got rebuff as its main strength and can prove handy at different situations.

Effie (Lance)

A super hero that would never betray you in long battles! It offers strong rebuffs that can be best utilized in longer fights.

Minerva (axe)

A hero that should be avoided at maximum as it is of no good to anyone.

Peri (Lance)

It is no different than axe and is not worth taking the risk. So it should also be avoided as much as possible.

Navarre (sword)

Its weakness includes being highly vulnerable. It is sometimes useful sometimes not!

You might come by other heroes, but the list we have provided you with consists of the best players available. This choice was primarily based on personal as well as community experiences

So I hope you are now able to choose the best heroes with great skills and capabilities that would make the game more enjoyable and entertaining!!

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