Overhit Tier List

Overhit is a role playing game. In Overhit, players have to make their own team.
You are free to customize your characters and make a good team combination. After forming the team, you have to fight against the opponent team. Every character possess different skills and powers according to the situation in the game.

We have categorized the characters into two groups.
The main characters in Group SSR are Aglaea and Alex, their element is water and light respectively. They are the best characters. Aglaea plays the role of P.range and Alex, P.tank.The top heroes of Group SR are Young Gleck and Teramachina. Their element is light. The role of Young Gleck is Malee and the role of Teramachina is P. range.

Tier SSR

Absorb damage for party
AglaeaWaterP.RangeOnly obtainable through Ancient Gacha
AlexLightP.TankDecent Light Tank with Barrier to self
AngeloDarkM.RangePowerful AOE to 4(5) units
AriaWaterP.MeleeYou get 1 from campaign
AshFireP.MeleeAttack Down, Burn
BeatriceWindP.MeleeDecent damage dealer
BlossomFireM.RangeGreat AOE with Burn and Def Down
Buffs ATK and removes debuff
CelestaWindP.RangeDamage dealer with Def Break and Bleed
ColetteWaterM.RangeAlone, she’s pretty decent damage dealer with some utility
DemianDarkM.TankDecent Dark Tank with Self-healing
EdmundWindM.RangeOnly obtainable through Ancient Gacha
ElphieFireM.HealDecent healer with great utility
EmodinWaterP.TankDecent tank with ATK break and Barrier
EstaFireP.RangeAble to deal fix damage
Farmable Shard
Get her Grimoire for self-sustain
GleckDarkP.TankSmall chance to stun
Good for 8-10 and Water Raid
Good for 8-10 farm
Good for Fire raid
Good for PVP
Good Link skill with Sophia
Good Starter
GordonFireP.TankATK break
Great Leader skill for Mono Dark team
HelenaLightM.HealVery strong Healer with x5 AOE Heals
HienFireP.MeleeDecent damage dealer with ATK break
I believe he is nerf badly on global
JackLightP.RangeVery good when against Dark enemies (Raid)
JasperLightP.RangeDecent AOE damage dealer
JinkaiLightP.TankDecent Light Tank with Barrier to self and Taunt
Lacks self sustain for a tank
LeikaWindP.MeleeGreat AOE damage dealer
Link skill with Ash but single target
Link Skill with Leika for more damage
Link with Ren to farm HM 8-10
LudmillaFireM.RangeOnly obtainable through Ancient Gacha
LunaWaterM.RangeDecent Magic DMG dealer
MalpionDarkP.MeleeAverage free unit
MLB to unlock +45% ATK
OpheliaWindM.TankBuild her for your 8-10 team
Pair with Luna to maxmize damage on raid boss
Pair with Reiz to get 100 Freeze Link Skill for 18 seconds
Party with someone that can freeze to deal additional dmg
ReizWaterM.MeleeDecent free unit with 100% Freeze
RenWindP.MeleeDecent free unit with 100% Poison
Resurrect and Barrier
She’s pretty weak for a SSR
SophiaLightM.HealHeal and Ressurect
TezeDarkP.MeleePowerful Single Target damage
Try to MLB him to stay powerful
UnknownDarkP.RangeFor a main Antagonist, he is really weak…
Useful for PVP and PVE
Useful for PVP and PVE
YggdrasilWindM.HealPowerful Healer with CD reduction

Tier SR

Your main damage dealer from early to mid game
Young GleckLightP.MeleeStrong Single Target Damage
Very good for Dark Raid
The most important unit for PVP as he can reduce healing
Surprisingly good for current PVP meta
Raid and PVP (quickly kill off Cicero)
NekoroidWindM.HealBest SR Healer
KojiroDarkP.MeleePowerful ST and AOE damage
Good for Raids and Boss fights
Good for farming 8-10
Good for 1 shotting Cicero in Arena
Good AOE damage
Good against Dark Units
CiceroDarkP.TankYour best tank from early to mid game
ATK + DMG Break
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