Tales of the Rays Tier List Guide

Here are the best weapons/armors and magic mirror artes in Tales of the Rays today. Special thanks to Game8!

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Tales of the Rays Tier List Guide:

  • Magic Mirror Artes | SS Rank
    • Magic Mirror Artes | S Rank
    • Weapons | A RankNote: Weapons’ rank will start at A rank. Weapons’ info to follow.

Magic Mirror Artes | SS Rank:

Ickx Neve | Decisive Battle! Mark vs Ickx

Decisive Battle! Mark vs Ickx magic mirror is a strong skill that can be used early in the game. This mirror attack is exclusive for Ickx making it further viable in the game. At first, the skill’s basic power might be low, but as you progresses in the game with Ickx, you can increase the magic’s power by 1.5x. You can attain this by completing Ickx’s Anima Resonance state.

This skill allows Ickx to approach his enemies at high speed slashing those with a series of light blades.

Ickx is an early unit you can play in the game. Use this opportunity to have this skill as early as you can.

Mileena Weis | Kagami Uranai Jutsu:

Kagami Uranai Jutsu (鏡占術) is a magic mirror arte exclusive for Mileena Weis.

Same with Ickx recommended magic mirror, this skill is weak at first. But once Mileena reaches the Anima Resonance State, this special skill will increase by 1.5x.

This attack will surround the enemy with mirrors attacking them from all directions.

Let Mileena participate on your party early to use this magic mirror arte as soon as possible.

Luke fon Fabre| Luke’s Determination:

Luke’s Determination is a magic mirror arte designed for Luke fon Fabre. This skill boosts Luke’s strength dramatically. Use this skill after acquiring Luke in the third chapter of the story. So far, this skill contains the highest power today.

Even without reaching the anima resonance state, this skill can provide additional power to Luke.

Luke’s Determination let Luke cast a strong attack, shaking the ground in a certain extent.

Magic Mirror Artes |S Rank:

Jude Mathis | Resistance:

Resistance is a magic mirror arte fit for Jude Mathis. It is currently the third strongest when it comes to attack power. This skill plays a vital role in maintaining the power of Jude in distinct battles.

Jude is a unit available in Chapter 5. This makes Resistance falls in the S Rank. Though you can pull this skill early, using its full extent will make you wait a little longer.

Resistance allows Jude to create a massive consecutive attacks as he burns his target critically.

Sorey | Shepherd’s Birth:

Sorey’s exclusive magic mirror arte is called the Shepherd’s Birth.

Shepherd’s Birth is considered as the second strongest attack power in all special skills available. This magic mirror arte also helps Sorey to maintain its resistance ability during battles.

Sorey is a unit you can have in Chapter 4. That’s why this skill is placed in the S-Rank instead of SS. Keep this skill if you have the early SS-rank skills already.

Shepherd’s Birth allows Sorey to make a disastrous technique towards his target. He releases his maximum power with his left hand.

Yuri Lowell | Yuri vs Flynn’s Duel:

Yuri vs Flynn’s Duel is Yuri Lowell’s magic mirror arte exclusive. This skill can defeat certain enemies quickly starting in chapter 1. This special skill holds the earth attribute.

Yuri vs Flynn’s Duel allows Yuri to spin towards his target. This damages those over time with his kicks and slashes. Its final move will let him summon a bunch of dragons finishing the opponent.

Repede | Departure from Downtown:

Repede’s dedicated magic mirror arte is the Departure from Downtown. This skill allows this unit to attack its target directly with its body. Repede then throws its target upwards in a whirling motion. Repede then throws a fireball to finish its attack.

You can eliminate enemies who are weak in fire attrib faster through using Repede’s ultimate skill.

Sophie | Second Encounter:

Second Encounter is Sophie’s exclusive magic mirror arte. You can use this ultimate skill especially in Chapter 2 of the story. This skill contains the tree attribute.

Sophie attacks her enemy by casting sharp-like objects. She then finishes it off by a number of strong kicks sending it away.

Weapons | A Rank:

Ickx Neve | Crescent:

Ickx Neve | Vice Race:

Mileena Weis | Crystal Mirror:

Mileena Weis | Dragon’s Mirror:

Luke fon Fabre | Phonic Sword:

Luke fon Fabre | Schwartzloewe:


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