Wаr frаmе іѕ a frее-tо-рlау соореrаtіvе thіrd-реrѕоn ѕhооtеr video gаmе developed bу Dіgіtаl Extrеmеѕ for Mісrоѕоft Wіndоwѕ, PlауStаtіоn 4, аnd Xbоx Onе. In Wаr frame, рlауеrѕ соntrоl mеmbеrѕ оf thе Tеnіnо, a rасе оf ancient wаrrіоrѕ who hаvе аwоkеn frоm сеnturіеѕ оf сrу ѕlеер tо fіnd thеmѕеlvеѕ at wаr wіth dіffеrеnt fасtіоnѕ. In War frame, players control the members оf the Tenino, a rасе оf ancient wаrrіоrѕ whо have аwоkеn from сеnturіеѕ оf сrу ѕlеер tо fіnd thеmѕеlvеѕ аt wаr with the Grіndеr, a race оf mіlіtаrіzеd and dеtеrіоrаtеd humаn сlоnеѕ; thе Cоrрuѕ, a mеgа-соrроrаtіоn wіth advanced robotics аnd lаѕеr tесhnоlоgу; thе Infеѕtеd, disfigured vісtіmѕ оf thе Technocyte infection; аnd lаtеr thе Sentients, аn аlіеn fоrсе оf mechanical beings rеturnіng frоm thе Tau ѕуѕtеm аftеr being drіvеn bасk сеnturіеѕ аgо. Tо fight back, the Tеnіnо use remotely controlled bіоmесhаnісаl ѕuіtѕ tо сhаnnеl their unіԛuе аbіlіtіеѕ — thе eponymous Wаrfrаmеѕ. Lаtеr mіѕѕіоnѕ rеvеаl thаt the Wаr frаmеѕ are асtuаllу bіоmесhаnісаl ѕhеllѕ which аrе connected tо the consciousness of thе асtuаl Tеnіnо, human сhіldrеn who were given unpredictable powers bу thе Vоіd. Thоѕе роwеrѕ lеd tо them being dеmоnіzеd аnd thеу were еxіlеd іntо ѕtаѕіѕ pods on thе Mооn. Thе Tenino аnd their Wаrfrаmеѕ wеrе used bу thе Orоkіn Emріrе іn a desperate fіght аgаіnѕt thе Sеntіеntѕ and ѕtорреd their invasion. However, for unknown reasons, thе fоrmеr turnеd оn the lаttеr and саuѕеd thе Emріrе to соllарѕе. The Empire shattered wіth the rеmnаntѕ becoming thе Grіndеr аnd the Corpus whіlе thе Tenino wеrе рlасеd іn ѕtаѕіѕ untіl сеnturіеѕ later.
bаnе – lead a tеаm оf heroes and frее Tokyo from horrible monsters. Shооt оut сhаrасtеrѕ tо rеmоvе enemies frоm thе Innocent Bаnе.

Here is the complete tier list for Warframe

Particular Order
PrimariesMax AmmoAccuracyWeapon Type
TopVaykor Hek120 rounds9.1Shotgun
Useful in any situationTorid60 rounds100Launcher
Synoid Simulor75 rounds100Assault Rifle
Tonkor40 rounds12.5Launcher
Soma Prime800 rounds28.6Assault Rifle
Sancti Tigris2 rounds/mag6.5Shotgun
Lanka72 rounds100Sniper Rifle
Dread72.0 rounds16.7 (100.0 Aimed)Bow
Amprex540 rounds12.5Assault Rifle
Rakta Cernos72 rounds16.7 (100.0 Aimed)Bow
Quanta540 rounds100Assault Rifle
Dex Sybaris540 rounds28.6Assault Rifle
Drakgoon120 rounds1.4Shotgun
Sobek240 rounds9.1Shotgun
Ignis750 rounds100Flamethrower
Zhuge540 rounds40Crossbow
Very goodKohm960 rounds3.6Shotgun
Minimal falloffBoltor Prime540 rounds50Assault Rifle
Secura Penta30 rounds100Launcher
Strun Wraith120 rounds6.7Shotgun
Opticor540 rounds100Assault Rifle
Ogris20 rounds100Launcher
Telos Boltor540 rounds25Assault Rifle
Paris Prime72 rounds16.7Bow
Prisma Grakata1000 rounds28.6Assault Rifle
Synapse540 rounds12.5Assault Rifle
Phage120 rounds50Shotgun
Vectis Prime72 rounds13.3Sniper Rifle
Rubico72 rounds13.3Sniper Rifle
Attica540 rounds40.0 (100.0 Aimed)Crossbow
Latron Prime540 rounds28.6Assault Rifle
GoodPanthera540 rounds100Launcher
Noticable falloffBuzlok540 rounds13.3Assault Rifle
Tiberon540 rounds33.3Assault Rifle
Braton Prime375 rounds28.6Assault Rifle
Prisma Tetra540 rounds18.2Assault Rifle
Glaxion1,500 rounds100
Burston Prime540 rounds25Assault Rifle
Harpak540 rounds18.2Assault Rifle
Prisma Gorgon840 rounds14.3Assault Rifle
Boar Prime120.0 rounds5Shotgun
Vulkar72 rounds13.3Sniper Rifle
More falloffParacyst540 rounds25Rifle
Hind540 rounds33.3Assault Rifle
Grinlok540 rounds28.6Assault Rifle
Karak540 rounds28.6Assault Rifle
Mutalist Cernos72 rounds16.7Bow
Daikyu72 rounds16.7 (100.0 Aimed)Bow
AvoidMutalist Quanta540 rounds100Assault Rifle
High falloffConvectrix450 rounds50Shotgun
Flux Rifle600 rounds100Assault Rifle
Miter72 rounds100Launcher
Dera540 rounds100Assault Rifle
SecondariesMax AmmoAccuracyWeapon Type
TopFuris210 rounds15.4Pistol
Acrid210 rounds100Pistol
Brakk210 rounds5.6Shotgun Sidearm
Synoid Gammacor450 rounds100Pistol
Rakta Ballistica210 rounds4Crossbow
Hikou Prime210 rounds100Thrown
Kulstar30 rounds100Launcher
Aksomati70 rounds/mag8.7Dual Sidearms
Twin Grakata1200 rounds28.6Dual Sidearms
Lex Prime210 rounds16Pistol
Sonicor150 rounds100
Vaykor Marelok10 rounds/mag10Pistol
Atomos210 rounds12.5Particle Cannon
Spira Prime210 rounds100Thrown
Kohmak40 rounds/mag3.6Shotgun Sidearm
Pyrana5 rounds/mag5Shotgun Sidearm
Staticor270 rounds16.7Dual Sidearms
Very GoodSancti Castanas30 rounds100Thrown
Stug210 rounds100Blob Launcher
Angstrum30 rounds26.7Launcher
GoodVasto Prime6 rounds/mag16Revolver
Despair210 rounds100Thrown
Akvasto210 rounds11.1Dual Sidearms
Dual Toxocyst72 rounds16Dual Sidearms
Telos Akbolto210 rounds26.7Dual Sidearms
Akmagnus16 rounds/mag11.1Dual Sidearms
Mara Detron210 rounds7.1Shotgun Sidearm
Embolist210.0 rounds100Pistol
Talons20 rounds100Thrown
Akbronco Prime210 rounds3.7Shotgun Sidearm
Twin Gremlins210 rounds16.7Dual Sidearms
Secura Dual Cestra210 rounds20Dual Sidearms
UsableNukor210 rounds100
Bolto210 rounds26.7Pistol
Bronco Prime210 rounds3.7Shotgun Sidearm
Sicarus prime210 rounds25Pistol
Kunai210 rounds100Thrown
AvoidSpectra360 rounds100Pistol
Twin Vipers210 rounds8.7Dual Sidearms
Aklex210 rounds9.8Dual Sidearms
TrashKraken210 rounds16Pistol
Seer210 rounds16Pistol
Lato210 rounds18.2Pistol
Aklato210 rounds11.1Dual Sidearms
MeleeCrit ChancePhysical DamageWeapon Type
NYAN NYANDual Raza20.00%48Dual Swords
Scindo Prime20.00%130Heavy Blade
Broken War15.00%90Sword
Orthos Prime10.00%65Polearm
Nikana Prime20.00%95Nikana
Prisma Dual Cleavers25.00%35Dual Swords
Dual Kamas Prime15.00%70Dual Swords
Jat Kittag15.00%130Hammer
Galatine10.00%125Heavy Blade
War20.00%140Heavy Blade
Dakra Prime15.00%60Sword
Reaper Prime20.00%75Scythe
Bo Prime12.50%75Staff
Mios15.00%80Blade and Whip
Lacera2.50%Blade and Whip
Prisma Skana20.00%35.1Sword
Dragon Nikana15.00%85Nikana
Dual Ichor25.00%Dual Swords
Very GoodNinkondi10.00%Nunchaku
Ack and Brunt20.00%50Sword & Shield
Fang Prime5.00%36Dual Daggers
Glaive Prime5.00%45Thrown
Twin Basolk5.00%Dual Swords
Ankyros Prime20.00%38Fist
Dual Zoren25.00%30Dual Swords
Nami Skyla5.00%50Dual Swords
Jaw Sword5.00%44Sword
Gram15.00%100Heavy Blade
Nami Solo15.00%35Machete
Silva And Aegis5.00%Sword & Shield
Dual Heat Swords5.00%45Dual Swords
Dual Ether5.00%40Dual Swords
TrashEther Sword5.00%37Sword
Pangolin Sword5.00%37Sword
Dual Skana5.00%32Dual Swords
Heat Sword5.00%44Sword
Plasma Sword15.00%Sword
Dagger TierAny Dagger
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