We are well aware of the fact that many of you admire the brilliant Ash Ketchum and are desperate to know about the ultimate list of Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon. Considering your profound interest in him, we have decided to provide you with a comprehensive list of all the Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon that he has collected after visiting different places across the globe. So this article is basically designed to tell you about everything you want know about Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum always had a deep settled desire to become the Pokémon master. On reaching the age of ten, he sets out on a journey to get his first ever Pokémon. His quest started with a mishap and he had to pick an inflexible Pikachu as his very first Pokémon. Despite knowing that his task was daunting, he kept his cool and remained committed to his goal. When the unyielding Pikachu realized that Ash didn’t hesitate to risk his own safety for him, he formed a very strong bond of loyalty with Ash. This bond, formed at the very beginning, laid the foundation of a new and amazing journey.

Ash was a beginner and he had no sense of becoming an efficient trainer. But with the support and cooperation of his companions, Misty and Brock, Pokémons acquired all the skills necessary to make him a capable master. He grew better with every passing day and ultimately managed to defeat various gym leaders in Kanto and made his way to the Pokémon league. Ever since, he has been to different regions all around the world and has managed to develop bonds with other Pokémon’s. He is obsessed with his objective and he would leave no stone unturned to become an adept master!


It all started with Pikachu who was the first pokemon he collected during his adventurous trip. Initially, Pikachu was unyielding and stubborn and defied his master commands. This was pretty disrespectful and upsetting for the amateur trainer who didn’t know much about training Pokémon’s. On witnessing his master putting his life in danger for him, he got firmly convinced that Ash was fair and he decided to change his attitude towards him. Since then, the inflexible Pikachu has been of great help to Pokémon, helping him win many battles. Pikachu is a lad with immense strength and is capable of making subtle moves that can beat even the toughest of opponents. Pikachu is admired for his volt tackle and iron tail (to name few of his moves)

First look in episode: Pokémon! I choose you


As he continued his journey, ash had a confrontation with Rowlett who was living with his fellows. Ash once helped Rowlett to search food for his friends and that’s how the foundation of their fellowship was laid. This amazing Pokémon likes staying on Ash’s backpack. Rowlett has complete command over his moves!

Captured in episode: first catch in Alola, ketchum-style!


Ash made Litten an acquaintance when he was wandering around in Haouli city. They had a chit-chat and soon became good friends. When Ash inquired about the reason of being at this place, he replied that he is looking for a stout land in the house that was abandoned many years ago. Litten seems to be an arrogant Pokémon but that’s not the case. He always extended his support to Ash and for that reason Ash offered him to become a part of his team. Litten eventually agreed and the bond between them is prevalent ever since! Litten is a technical genius and renowned for his moves ember and fire fang, among others.

Captured in episode: it’s time for Litten to set off!

TalPokémon at Oak’s lab

Talon flame

Talon first appeared on the scene when he was seen snatching some edibles from a wild Doyenne. Later, this silly Pokémon eventually evolved into Talonflame after fighting a battle with Moltres. Talon has got very deceptive moves like brave bird under his belt which he used in beating Moltres.

Obtained in episode: a legendary photo Op!


Hawlucha is another welcome addition to Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon’s list. Ketchum first caught sight of Hawlucha when he showed up for defending and protecting his fellow Pokémon’s. Deeply impressed by his skills, Ash invited him to become a member of his team. Hawlucha agreed readily and since then the bond of friendship is prevalent between the two. Hawlucha is an integral part of Ash’s team and has won many battles for him owing to his complete mastery over the moves like high jump kick among others.

Obtained in episode: the forest champion!


Noivern has been a vital part of Ash’s team, since he hatched from his egg. Ash taught him how to fly and that was a clear indication that Ash wanted Noivern to join his team. Once he saved Hawlucha in a battle against zapdos and this gave him enough confidence for his other battles. His best moves include “boom burst and dragon claw”.

Obtained in episode: an electrifying rage!


Charizard once a chameleon never acted upon Ash’s command and was disobedient to him. Also, it used to attack Ash with the help of its flamethrower. Once Charizard got frozen and ash helped him to restore to his original form. This generous act of Ash helped Charizard to get into his team. From that time onwards, Charizard has assisted Ash and won many battles for him and is an important component Ash’s team!

Evolved from chameleon in episode: attack of the prehistoric Pokémon!


Snivy is a female Pokémon, which Ash encountered on his way to the forest. Snivy is blessed with various moves like “attract” which helps him to fight with her opponents and give them a real licking!. Moreover, Snivy is lightning fast and can evade the invasion of its opponents. Known for her eye-catching moves, this Pokémon is another addition to Ash Ketchum’s ultimate list!


Tranquil was severely injured in a battle against one of his opponents Skyla’s Savanna and that’s when it evolved into unfezant. Ever since its evolution, Unfezant has been a tough opponent due to its agility and back-breaking moves. His transformation into Unfezant gave him incredible speed and the ability to regain its power. It has defeated Skyla to make its way to Ash’s strong side!

Evolved in episode: mistralton gym, a decisive aerial batter VS Skyla!


Scraggy hatched from an egg and since its birth it has been nasty to Ash. Scraggy has angry outbursts that cause him to get violent and in that condition it can inflict serious damage on its enemies. Despite being powerful her attacks are not as effective as they should be. The best thing about Scraggy is that it has been making incessant efforts to improve its moves and attacking tendency.

Hatched in episode: scraggy-hatched to be wild!


Ash encountered Palpitoad when he was finding leaves as a remedy to heal his wound. Palpitoad attacked Ash straightaway, leaving him seriously injured. Palpitoad is an extremely strong Pokémon gifted with remarkable moves like” hydro pump” and “supersonic”. It has been of great support to Ash and has helped in winning various battles against Roxie. Ash is quite happy to have him in his league!

Captured in episode: facing fear with eyes wide open!


After being hit by well improvised moves of its opponent Iris’s Dragonite, Krokorok eventually evolved into Krookodile. He has a unique style of wearing sunglasses which gives him a cooler look! Krookodile is adept in making various moves like“dig”, ” stone edge”, and “crunch” among others and that has been the reason of Ash’s victory in many battles. He is gifted with another move called “aerial ace” which has helped him win various crunch battles.

Evolved in episode: Ash, Iris and trip’s final battle!


Infernape is another strong entry in Ash’s list of Pokémon’s. Once, in a battle against team rocket, it was beaten to the brink of collapse and eventually evolved into its ultimate form. Infernape has got many skillful moves but his lack of experience makes him a weak member of Ash’s team.

Evolved from Monferno in episode: fighting Ire with fire!


At the very beginning, Gliscor was a weak fellow with not-so-special talent. He was also not so strong due to his young age. But he never kept his morale low and eventually evolved into a strong and more confident Pokémon by grabbing a razor fang while it was falling. Though much has been achieved, but much remains undone to place him in the list of Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon’s. Anyone would want to induce him in his team due to its fierce attacks like “steel wing” and “X scissor”!


In a fierce battle against one of his opponents, he lost his ability to attack. He made massive efforts to regain that ability and ever since he remains to be a vital part of Ash’s team. Despite being versatile and having great attacking abilities, Ash decided to leave him at the oaks laboratory and continue his journey alone.

Evolved from Grovyle in episode: odd Pokémon out!


Ever since its evolution, swallow has been a part of many decisive battles and maintains an impeccable winning record. Ash resumed his journey by leaving Swallow in Oak’s lab.

Evolved from taillow in episode: that’s just swellow!


Glalie is another stunning addition to Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon list. Glalie was well aware of its sheer power and decided to use him in where battles where he was able to hold its own successfully. He was not ready to take him along and decided to leave him at the oak’s laboratory with Hoenn league.

Evolved from snorunt in episode: Rhapsody in drew!


This incredible creature was found injured after being attacked by gang of Pokémon in the valley. On finding him surrounded by steel Pokémon’s, he decided to rescue him and save his life. At first Torkoal ran off and turned his back to Ash but later when he was truly convinced that Ash wants nothing but to help him, he paid heed to his instructions and defeated his rivals. Torkoal is known to be an emotional Pokémon and often sheds tears of joy. Torkoal has won many battles for Ash owing to his great strength and skills. Ash also decided not to take him with himself for the rest of the journey.

Captured in episode: all Torkoal, no play!


Soon after it was captured, Muk was sent to Oak’s laboratory. He adores professor and has hugged professor Oak on many occasions. Muk is a must part of Ash’s team and has won various league battles for him.

Caught in episode: sparks fly for magnemite!


While travelling through the safari zone, Ash was successful in capturing 30 tauros, all of which were sent to professor Oak’s laboratory. Out of all the 30 tauros, he has used one of them frequently in different leagues and frontier battles.

Caught in episode: the legend of Dratini!

Pokémon that can be called upon


Once there occurred a mishap which left Ash and Pikachu in fire. Pokémon Sliggoo used its rain dance to extinguish that fire and saved Ash and Pikachu. He evolved in this process and has been an essential part of Ash Ketchum’s team.


Squirtle was once a part of the squirtle squad, a terrorizing group that went on decimating the Vermillion city. Later, it started respecting Ash and became a competent member of his squad. Since then it has remained victorious in various gym and league battles.

Caught in episode: here comes the squirtle squad!

Pokémon’s that Ash used to have


On encountering the gym leader, Olympia told him about the strong bond of friendship that will prevail between the two upon its evolution into greninja. Later, as Frogadier was fighting against his enemies in order to defend the village from the invaders, frogadier evolved into Greeninja and became an integral part of Green ninja. Now Ash can’t imagine his team without greeninja!

Obtained in episode: A festival of decisions!


They met each other in a dense forest and developed an unbreakable bond. Noibat also thought of Ash as his father. During his early age, Noibat was unable to fly and Ash helped him with his flying. Though much of its moves are unknown, it is known to have the tendency of” echolocation” and he is a good acrobat at the same time.

Obtained in episode: a-not-so-flying-start!

Evolved in Ash caught Noibat from a forest soon after it hatched from an egg. Later, they both started liking each episode: an electrifying rage!


Ash first confronted Fletchling when it emerged and tried to snatch food from a wild creature named Dedenne. It turned furious and challenged Ash for a battle. The battle didn’t last for too long and Ash succeeded in capturing it. Known for its incredible moves, this entry is indispensable in Ash Ketchum’s ultimate list of Pokémon’s.

Obtained in episode: a battle of aerial mobility

Evolved in episode: battle in the sky!

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