[Pokemon Go] Best Gen 2 Pokemon for Gym Battles

Many of the Gen 1 Pokemon are still excellent choices for taking down and defending Pokemon Go gyms. However, with the introduction of several new Pokemon in the February 2017 Pokemon Go update, players are now wondering which of these new Pokemon are worth raising and evolving to participate in gym battles.

This guide will focus solely on those new Gen 2 Pokemon added after the update.

Best Gen 2 Pokemon Go Gym Attackers

These are the Gen 2 Pokemon that you should include in your party when challenging rival gyms.


Tyranitar is the very best Gen 2 Pokemon for taking down rival gyms. With his max CP of 3,670 and attack power 251, combined with moves like Fire Blast and Stone Edge which deal over 100 damage each, he is being hailed as the new “Gym God”.

Tyranitar also has an advantage in his Dark/Rock Pokemon type which allows for him to easily defeat popular gym defenders such as Snorlax, Slowbrow, Exeggutor, Lapras, and Dragonite. This is because Tyranitar is immune to Psychic and Normal moves, and Dragonite and Lapras are both weak to Rock-type moves. Not only that, but Tyranitar’s STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) grants 50% bonus damage to all of his Rock type attacks making them extra effective.

Tyranitar evolves from Larvitar, which becomes Pupitar and then evolves into Tyranitar. These Pokemon can be found mostly in mountains, parking lots, and nature reserves.

If Niantic continues to add new evolutions following the other Pokemon games, Tyranitar will only grow even stronger as he will eventually evolve into Mega Tyranitar.


One of the new eveelutions in the Gen 2 Pokemon Go update is Espeon. This Psychic type Pokemon is currently ranked as the 5th best Gym Attacker due to his max CP of 3,000, base attack of 261, and powerful Psychic abilities such as Psybeam and Future Sight which deals over 40 DPS (damage per second).

Espeon is also no slouch when it comes to stamina and defense with a base stamina of 130, and a base defense of 194. This makes him all around, the best eveelution for gym attacks.


Scizor’s max CP is 2,801. He is a steel/bug type Pokemon who has very few weaknesses. Scizor’s base attack is 236, while his base defense is not far behind at 194. Scizor’s base stamina is 140 which gives him plenty of staying power to help take down rival gyms.


The bug/fighting Pokemon, Heracross is a great gym attacker. Heracross has a base attack of 234 along with a base stamina of 160 and base defense of 189.

Heracross also uses powerful ground and fighting moves such as Close Combat and Earthquake; both of which deal over 100 damage. And with STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), Close Combat can reach almost 60 Damage per Second.


Another ground type Pokemon, Donphan’s max CP is a whopping 3,022 while his base attack and defense are both equally matched at 214.

Donphan has some impressive moves like Earthquake which deals 120 damage. Because Donphan is a ground type Pokemon, he also benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) allowing Earthquake to deal over 40 DPS (damage per second).

Best Gen 2 Pokemon Go Gym Defenders

These are the Gen 2 Pokemon that you should leave to defend a gym when you take it over.


Blissey may be the best gym defender in Pokemon Go right now thanks to a base stamina of 510, more than 2 and a half times the base stamina of any other Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Her base defense is 229 and puts her in the Top 10 defenders of all Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This lets her absorb a high amount of damage, and she can sometimes defend a gym simply by running down the clock during a gym battle.

She’s also got some powerful moves such as Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Beam, and Psychic which deal over 100 damage each.

Although Blissey does not have the highest max CP, her CP is 3,219 which is still ranked in the top 25% when compared to all Pokemon Go Pokemon.

Blissey evolves from Gen 1’s Chansey who is also a really good Gym defender.


Steelix’s max CP is 2,495 and base defense of 333. He also gets a STAB bonus from Ground and Steel moves such as Heavy Slam and Earthquake which both deal over 41 DPS (damage per second.)


Forretress has a max CP of 2,263 with a defense of 242. This makes him an excellent choice to help defend Pokemon Go gyms. Since he is a steel type Pokemon, Forretress’ Heavy Slam will get a STAB (same type attack bonus) allowing him to reach up to 41 DPS (damage per second).


Wobbuffet’s base stamina is 380 which earns him a place on our Best Gen 2 Pokemon Gym Defender’s list.

On the downside, Wobbuffet’s attack and move set are not very powerful, but with a max CP over 1,000 and plenty of defense and stamina to spare, Wobbuffet can hold his own against rival gym attackers.


Hitmonchan is not particularly strong in and of itself. It is currently ranked as the 22nd highest in terms of defense. However, I am recommending placing Hitmonchan in the gyms because he is a fighting type Pokemon.

We all know Tyranitar is the new king of Pokemon Go battles, but Tyranitar’s big weakness is to fighting type Pokemon. This is because Tyranitar is a Dark/Rock-type Pokemon, and both Dark and Rock-type Pokemon are weak to Fighting moves so these attacks will do double damage.

With so many players leading the offense with Tyranitar, it makes sense to select a fighting type Pokemon to defend the gym.

Hitmonlee and Hitmontop are also acceptable, but Hitmonchan is the one with the best defense. Hitmonlee favors attack, while Hitmontop is more balanced between both stats. All three evolve from Tyrogue. Which evolution you get depends on which of Tyrogue’s base stats are the highest.


When it comes to Pokemon Go, there are certain Pokemon that are better for taking down (attacking) rival gyms, and other Pokemon that are better to leave behind to defend the gym once you’ve successfully taken it over.

There are many Gen 1 Pokemon that are great attackers and defenders. These Pokemon may still be preferred over the new Gen 2 Pokemon in this list. But for players, looking to train the Gen 2 Pokemon in February 2017’s Pokemon Go Update, the above list will help you select the best Gen 2 Pokemon Go Gym Attackers and Defenders based on their Max CP, Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Move Sets.

Now get out there and catch some Pokemon.

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