WWE 2k16: Attacks and Moves Control Guide

Game addicts are often impatient and desperate to know about new moves and skills that enable them to enjoy the game to its fullest. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that when they figure out new attacks and moves they consider themselves the happiest people on the face of this globe. So, if you want to know about them, you are at the right place!

WWE 2K16 Control

If you can control the handle well you can even make the most complex moves in no time and that’s when you can make the best use of your favorite wrestlers. At initial stages, you must know the proper use of triangle, circle and square buttons.


Opponents below: right stick first left then right (left/right)

Snap mare: right stick down

Opponents pack: X without moving left stick

Handle: hold the left stick in a specific direction plus X

For submission hold X

In order to release from front face lock press L1

For aiming at body parts press R2 +circle, X, square or triangle

Front face lock

If your opponent is lying down and you want to go for a front face lock then you have to move the” right stick upward” in order to lift the opponent.

If you want to hold the opponent from below move the right stick towards left or right.

The opening grapple

Possibility of grappling at the beginning of the match is quite high. When this happens, a couple of circles will pop-up on your screen. This will put your opponent in a grappling position, whether it’s a headlock or a reverse arm hold. Finally it will take you to the point where you will be in perfect position to knock your opponent down or throw him into the ropes to make a healthy strike. There is no right or wrong decision so all you have to do is to make a choice and get yourself ready to get out of the grapple. You can also wait for it to turn into your favor. After getting into the above mentioned position, a small blue icon with another small blue icon will appear on your screen. Now you are in ideal position to search for the pressure spot. Now, if your red circle fills up first, you will have the opportunity to grapple your opponent and if your opponents circle fills up first, he will be capable of grappling you. Getting this perfect grip will help you to be in a dominant position and gain momentum over your opponent (either its artificial intelligence AI or human)

Master of submission

Submission endeavors are deceptive and an efficient way to knock down your opponent and be victorious! (Like the undertaker’s hell’s gate). This is all about making subtle moves and even switching your directions. The best thing you can do here is to make attempts to keep up with your rival. You can fasten your move by holding the left trigger in the downward direction.

If you are somehow successful in matching up with your enemies bar for a few seconds, you will leave them with no options but to surrender against your move and that will make you a winner!

Using tables to beat your opponent

You can cause injury to your opponents by hitting them with tables. This will enable you to full their table break meter. Doing so will unlock your rivals table grapples which allows you to put them through the tables without actually using the table strike that can be really destructive to your opponent. You have to press A(x) in order to perform this grapple. In case the enemy is heading towards a table placed in the corner, a running strike can do the trick for you!

Roll out

Rolling out of the ring keeps you there until the roll out meter reaches its full extent. A full meter is the indication that you have recovered completely n that’s when you will receive a buff. For you to recover quickly you can press A (X) and that will help you to get in the ring earlier but you will earn a negative status effect for this action. Now it’s for you to decide whether to go for tis move or not.


Taunting your opponent while he suffers from a mighty blow shows aggression and is fun at the same time. While standing on the middle rope you can rope taunt your rival which is kind of cool! Different taunts have different effects. There are rising taunts that enable your enemy to get up and act right.

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