All game lovers have a profound interest in collecting and battling Pokémon’s which range from cute, little ones to fierce and dangerous. We are going to provide you with the list of top ten Pokémon’s. We know that you are getting really curious to know about their height and battle statistics! Let’s take you to the world of tallest Pokémon’s!

10 Gayarados / mega gayarados


21 feet, 4 inches/6.5 meters

Gayarados occupies tenth position in the list of tallest Pokémon’s. They both are fatal and deadly creatures and no one likes to mess with them as they can cause serious threat to their enemies. They are capable of destroying entire cities when they are in wrath while adults obsessed with Pokémon’s think that they are extremely safe! Aren’t they ferocious?

9 Hoopa unbound

Size: 21 feet,4 inches/6.5 meters

Type: psychic

It’s a new introduction into the list of Pokémon’s. It is basically a psychotic figure that stands less than 2 feet tall. They can rise to a great extent in height and can also take great strength as they are exceedingly powerful. All the Pokémon’s lovers will be really excited with these visible changes in their appearance.

8 Giratina

Size 22 feet, 8 inches.6.9 meters

Type: ghost

We have got this monstrous creature at 8th place. This amazing Pokémon is very mysterious and can extend to become of two different types. Rumors have it that they have been banished from earth due to their destructive and violent behavior. It occupies a dominant position in the list of biggest Pokémon’s but we have a long list to go! So just stay with us, we are going to explore them out one by one with you.

7 Rayquaza

Size: 23 feet/7 meters

Type: dragon/flying

Rayquaza which occupies seventh position is another gigantic and scary creature but you don’t have to bother worrying about that as it usually keeps to itself while it resides high up in the sky. Most of the people believe that it is there to help human beings but everyone please play safe as they can prove really dangerous with their brutal attacks.

  1. Onix

Size: 28 feet/10 inches/8.8 meters.

Onix used to be the tallest amongst all the Pokémon’s but now it has lost height and is no more the tallest in the is basically known for its lightning fast speed as it can travel at a speed of over fifty miles/hour. It also possesses the ability to become larger in size! Isn’t it amazing!

  1. Steelix

Size: 30 feet 2 inches/9.2 meters.

It is another mighty creature that is capable of transforming itself into something enormous. Its body is composed of diamonds. It can extend over a greater area by stretching to its full length. Rumors’ have it that onix changes into steelix when it goes beyond 100 years and that’s the time when its rocky body transforms into that of diamonds.

  1. Primal Kyogry

Size: 32 feet, 1 inch/ 9.8 meters

This primal kyogry is a latest entry in the list and it comes with greater size and enhanced power. Among water Pokémon’s, it’s the strongest and heaviest and is capable of boosting its power attacks which is actually its strength. Because it has water, it is also capable of negating fire!

  1. Mega steelix

Size: 34 feet, 5 inches / 10.5 meters.

Type: steel/ground

Mega steelix is another sensational entry in the list of the tallest Pokémon’s. It undergoes some physical changes and becomes even more powerful with that. It has a flawless defending capability and its body also has some strange markings over it which makes it more prominent.

  1. Mega rayquaza

Size: 35 feet, 5 inches /10.8 meters

Type: dragon/flying

Mega rayquaza mainly feeds on meteorites that exist in the atmosphere. It has this unique ability of storing power and it eventually transforms into a huge creature. It is also capable of discarding its flying type to change into a dragon with extraordinary powers. It is very fast but doesn’t possess a very strong defense mechanism.


Size 47 feet, seven inches / 14.5 meters

Type: water

Primal kyogry is undoubtedly the heaviest water type but not the largest. The biggest Pokémon award goes to the wailord which is at the top of the list. All other creatures appear to be smaller than the wailord which is 12 feet longer than mega rayquaza. But its weight is much less than its size probably due to swimming which usually keeps its belly in a nice trim!

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