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The Guardian Statue is a Rock-Attributed Rare Card in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh. It is a card that can help players win in some unusual ways. Its effect can return a summoned monster back to your enemy’s hand once in a while. Its effect will last as long as it is on the field. Protect and strategize with this set of cards!

Deck Overview:

Like what we have stated above, the deck will be piloted by the Guardian Statue. Its special ability/effect will be your key to victory. This deck can be dubbed as a powerful one because it can make your opponent feel helpless in certain situations.

Special thanks to Gamerch for this deck!

The Deck:


Guardian Statue X3
Seargent Electro X3
Sphere Kuriboh X2
Possessed Dark Soul X1
4-Star Lady Bug of Doomed X1
Amazoness Chain Master X1


A Feint Plan X3
Mirror Wall X2
Enemy Controller X1
Divine Wrath X1
Twister X1
Windstorm of Etaqua X1

Other Recommended Cards:

Curse of Anubis
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Lightforce Sword

Key Cards:

  • Guardian Statue –Can return your enemy’s strong monster on the field to their hands, again.
  • Sergeant Electro –Prevents the enemy’s Spell/Trap Card from being activated once per turn.
  • Sphere Kuriboh –Switches the enemy’s attacking monster into defense position.
  • A Feint Plan –Stops the enemy to attack your face-down monster during a turn.

Switcheroo – Bandit Keith – Returns a card in your deck and let you draw a new one again. The skill is only used once per turn and twice per duel.

Deck Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to activate the Guardian Statue’s special ability early in the game. Once you make this card appear on the battlefield, summon the Sergeant Electro card to prevent the enemy’s spells to be activated. This will help you counter the enemy’s move far effectively.

In some situations, some of the cards you need will not be available early. If you find this situation difficult, use your other monster and spell/trap cards. This is a wise move, especially if you have summoned the Guardian Statue in the field already. Support and protect the Guardian Statue with all your might to secure the victory. Some great supports in this deck are the Sphere Kuriboh, 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom and the Possessed Dark Soul.

After every effect of the Guardian Statue, let this monster handle a direct attack to the enemy. Your enemy cannot dodge your attack once you combined this card with the Sergeant Electro.

With Switcheroo, you will have a chance to draw a different card that will help you in certain circumstances.

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