Sword Art Online Memory Defrag (SAO MD): Tier List (Best Characters)

Every now and then there is an addition of new characters in different games that plays a crucial role in catching the interest of the gamers. The tier list is always there to keep you updated with the latest arrivals, with all their strengths and weaknesses.

There has been a transition from console to mobile gaming. Majority of games have a vast list of characters that fascinate those people and children who are fond of playing games. There is no hard and fast rule to what sort of character you would get during your tutorial missions. Some might end up with philia during their first try; some may get better or even worse.

So what we are going to do here is to formulate a Tier list of best characters that will tell you everything about the choice that you have made. Memory defrag characters are usually placed in different tiers ranging from S (the best ones that you can always choose) down to AA and A and they make their way to C which are just playable but not of much help.

S+ rank characters

This list includes the best characters available. We will come up with their strengths and weaknesses one by one that will lead you towards making a better choice.

Christmas Edition Asuna

This character tops the list with its exceptional qualities. It uses a rapier as a weapon. Asuna possesses the ability of maximizing her own ATK and it can make subtle movements to a considerable extent. It has remarkable self-healing powers.

Christmas Edition yuuki

It gained recognition as a single-handed sword user. Like its counterpart it can also make quick movements.it also holds self-healing powers and usually destroys its enemies by a double combo attack which is also considered as its specialty.

Wind Yuki

Unlike other players it is proficient in using sword single handedly. Yuki has a lot of things in common with Asuna regarding its strengths and strategies. It is habitual of attacking the enemy by spinning in the midair.

Rank S units

Augmented Tamer Silica

Silica is a dagger user. It can easily destroy its enemy by bringing out fire in its breath. This unique skill also helps silica to heal itself immediately. Its ATK rate also increases when its combo advances to a range of 30 plus.

Dragon Tamer Silica

It is also another dagger user. Self-healing is its top quality which it does it in no time.it is considered to be an impeccable game finisher and can prove really handy in the depth stages of the game.

Fire Dragon Sinon

Unlike other top units dragon uses a gun to deal with its enemies. It is also capable of breathing fire from its mouth. The most awesome thing about it is that it can slide behind its enemy and then hit it with a lethal blow of fire ball.

Halloween Yuuki

Yuuki is another rapier user among the list of characters. It can kill its enemy by exerting greater force during the attack.it plays a significant role in crushing down the target. Last but not the least, it also possesses self-healing qualities.

Heroes Return Kirito

Kirito is expert in making use of the sword single handedly. It has certain powers that transform it into dual-wielding and it is also capable of giving its enemy a real licking. Its attacks are mostly lethal leaving behind no traces of the rivals. Like all other characters it also has self-healing abilities that makes it the top choice of the players.

Shinobi Slash Asuna

No one can use rapier better than Shinobi which can do it single-handedly. It casts several rapid attacks on the enemies giving it no time to escape. The attacks of Shinoshi can cause considerable damage to the enemy if it fighting holy units.

Valentines 2020 Asuna

Valentines 2020 Asuna has this great ability to exercise an influence by decreasing the targets defense rate. It basically allows it to cause some serious devastation in the later stages of the game. works both as teams vital unit and can also provide support in addition.

Rank A+ Units

  • Born Genius Eugeo
  • Christmas 2016 Edition Kirito
  • Christmas 2016 Edition Leafa
  • Christmas 2016 Edition Philia
  • Christmas 2016 Edition Silica
  • Christmas 2016 Edition Sinon
  • Christmas 2016 Edition Strea
  • Earth Leafa
  • Earth Yuki
  • Fire Dragon Asuna
  • Flower Peach Baby Silica
  • Halloween 2016 Edition Asuna
  • New year 2020 Edition Asuna
  • New year 2020 Edition Yuki
  • Sea God Asuna
  • Sea God Seven
  • Valentines 2020 Sinon
  • Zekken Yuki

Rank A Units

  • Cheer of love Asuna
  • Dark dancer Lizbeth
  • Dragon Caster Silica
  • Early spring dancer Argo
  • Earth Silica
  • Efficient Smith Lizbeth
  • Undine Healer Asuna
  • Fire Dragon Godfly Klein
  • Glittering Youth Strea
  • Halloween 2016 Edition Kirito
  • Halloween 2016 Edition Silica
  • Halloween 2016 Edition Sinon
  • Integrity Knight Alice
  • Lightning Flash Asuna
  • New Year 2020 Edition Leafa
  • New Year 2020 Edition Lisbeth
  • New Year 2020 Edition Silica
  • New Year 2020 Edition Sinon
  • Premia
  • Progressive Gunner Sinon
  • Sea God Rain
  • Sea God Yuki
  • Star Scientist Seven
  • Storm Mage Leafa
  • Upgraded Kirito
  • Upgraded Asuna
  • Upgraded Leafa
  • Valentines 2020 Leafa
  • Valentines 2020 Silica
  • Wind Leafa
  • Wind Silica

Rank B Units

  • Angel Cheer Yui
  • AR Idol Yuna
  • Black Swordsman Kirito
  • Concealed Dual Blades Kirito
  • Brawny Axeman Agel
  • Cool Headed Sniper Sinon
  • Cook Asuna
  • Earth Lisbeth
  • Fairy Blacksmith Lisbeth
  • Fairy Dragon Tamer Silica
  • Fire Knight Strea
  • Fisher Zima
  • Halloween 2016 Leafa
  • Halloween 2016 Lisbeth
  • Shouting Cheers Silica
  • Mace Master Lisbeth
  • Night Camisole Silica
  • Night Camisole Sinon
  • Night Camisole Yuki
  • Oni Sinon
  • Plant Valkyrie Sinon
  • Prestige Vice Commander Asuna
  • Titania Asuna
  • Treasure Hunter Philia
  • Wind Lisbeth

Rank C Units

  • Fairy Dance Kirito
  • Night Camisole Asuna
  • Night Camisole Leafa
  • Night Camisole Lisbeth

So that’s all we had to say about the Tier List (best characters). We will keep on updating as we get some new characters in the games!

So thanks!

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