Fishing is very simple and easy, but sometimes it can also get complicated depending on the fish that you are catching because precious fishes move faster in the vertical row that appears on your screen, and it is very difficult to keep them in the range of green bar. But, overall, fishing is very easy. Fishing is one of the best things to kill some time if you are waiting for your crops to grow, or if you are willing to earn a little extra income, or more simply if you want to enjoy a pleasant and skillful activity.

Early in the game, you will get the notification that you are supposed to go to the beach, and you will also get a bamboo pole. All you need to do for fishing is equip the bamboo pole, and for that purpose, you can use the scroll wheel. First, you click on the scroll wheel and then click on the number associated with that slot. Then you need to walk up to the body of water, and then click and hold and finally release the button.

This action will cast your line in the water. Before a fish get trapped, you will have to be patient and wait for some time because eventually, you will get the notification and the little beep. At first, the word HIT will appear on your screen.

You have to click now. Once you click, you will get a mini-game.

The object of this mini-game is to keep the fish inside your green little indicator. The fish will move up and down, and you need to keep on moving the bar according to the movement of the fish. The faster the fish moves, the higher there are chances that it will be a good fish, not an ordinary one. When you finally catch the fish, the following menu will appear on your screen.

Once you catch the fish, you can take it to the store and sell it.

I find that the easiest way to keep the fish in range is to take little clicks, which will make the bar scroll up a little bit slower; sometimes you overshoot it, sometimes you don’t. While catching fishes, you will get different levels of difficulties different times.

Then occasionally, you will get a little treasure chest icon that pops up, and all you have to do to collect it is to hold the green bar over the top of the treasure chest until yellow bar above it fills up. And then once you receive the fish, you will get the treasure chest which you can open, and at different times, it will have different stuff in it.

Catching Legendary Fishes

Ordinary fishes and legendary fishes are different from one another, and here is how you can catch the legendary fishes. The first thing that you should have if you want to catch a legendary fish is the Iridium rod which is a 100% must-have with every single one of these legendary fishes. This fishing rod is unlocked at level two, so it isn’t really hard to get it. It has bait, and the tackle feature is available built-in. The best tackle I would use for legendary fish, in my opinion, would be the trap bobber which will essentially slow down the fish’s escape when you are not reading it in. So basically, it limits the amount of fish being crazy and going up and down. Probably, it won’t stop the fish completely, but it is the best tackle for the legendary fish.

It is highly recommended that you must have level 10 fishing at least, but sometimes you will have to use the level eleven fishing and the trout soup that you can buy from Willie. If you are having lots of difficulties, you can cook ‘dish of the sea’; this will crank you up to three levels making your fishing the 13-level fishing, and with the help of this, catching legendary fishes will be like a walk in the park. Here is how you can catch a legendary fish:

When you first hook the fish, just take a quick look at it.

And when you notice it closely, you will find there is a crown on the head of the fish. If it has, it is legendary. One more thing that you might find useful is that if you are catching a fish that isn’t legendary, and you don’t mind discarding it, what you can do is press E and the fish will immediately be discarded, and you will be able to begin catching another instantly.

As I am done with the tips on how you can catch these fishes, here are few tips on where exactly you can find these legendary fishes.

Legend Fish

The first legendary fish that you should be focusing on is the legend fish, and it can be found at the bottom of the lake in the spring. You have to cast it into the log. This is probably the hardest fish to catch because mainly you will have to wait for the rain first before you can even attempt to catch it. And if you get absolutely unlucky, you cannot even have rain in spring which is maddening. So with that in mind whenever it’s raining in spring, make sure that you at least try to catch the fish. Do it mostly before 10 pm because, after 10 pm, you cannot catch this fish.

The thing worth mentioning is that this fish is the most difficult to catch, but it is also the rarest. So once you catch this fish, you will be able to get a significant amount of money like fifteen thousand gold coins.

Crimson Fish

The second legendary fish that we are going to be catching is the crimson fish. The crimson fish can only be caught in the summer, and it can be caught on the right-hand side of the beach. For that, you will have to fix the bridge and that will cost 300-woods. But, you would be able to do that within your first month. This fish isn’t very hard to catch, but it is very hard to find. Sometimes, you will have to wait for a while, but the interesting thing is that it doesn’t require any rain or any other condition, so you can catch it relatively easy. This fish can be caught at any time of the day and it doesn’t have any time limit. Once caught, you can sell it for 2000 gold.

Angler Fish

This is probably the easiest legendary fish to catch out. This fish can be caught in fall, and you can catch it near east of the community center. You don’t have to be too much specific for the exact spot as long as you fish above the bridge. You would be able to find and catch the fish, and the interesting thing is that it doesn’t have a time limit. This fish is worth one thousand coins.

The Glacier Fish

In my opinion, this glacier fish is second hardest fish to catch after legendary fish. This fish is caught during the winter time, and it can be caught in the bottom of the small island. What you need to do is go to the tip of the glacier as far as possible and fish there. Though the weather doesn’t affect this fish, but you have to make sure that you catch this fish before 10 pm. When you sell this fish, it would roughly give you 1000 coins.

Mutant Carp

The last fish that has some value is the mutant carp. This fish can be caught in any season, in any weather, and at any time. The only thing you need for this is 60 artifacts. Gunter will come to your house after you have given him all the artifacts, and he will give you a sewer key. You can then catch the fish in the sewer

This fish is also very easy to catch, and you will roughly get one thousand coins for this fish.

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