Soccer Spirits is just a 2D CCG/RPG cross printed by Com2uS, the organization behind the most popular mobile RPGs, Soul Finder. Beat the Category of Evil by overcoming the Galactic Category, a soccer event that’ll decide the destiny of the world. Construct your group with more than 100 cards to gather and beat opponent groups in a proper soccer-based fight where people fight for control and should work through opponent defenders. Level-up, improve, and develop your characters in that supreme group.
Many Phases to Accomplish – Take Part In countless phase-centered soccer games and fight against a sizable number of adversary groups.
Anime-inspired Art – Each card features top quality, anime-design art with unique speech-served outlines, distinctive abilities, and different numbers.
Proper Fights – Beat opponent groups in a card-based fight where cards fight for control
Many Cards to Gather – Gather more than 100 distinctive cards and construct and update your Characters, and develop your people to dominate your competition.
Participating Tale – Encounter a fascinating tale saturated in figures, conversation, laughter, and much more.
On-Line PVP – Combat mind-to-head against arbitrary people online in proper fight with total control over each fight.

Here is the complete tier list for Soccer Spirits.

Name Element General Tier Class Potential
Aiolos Whirlwind S Leader SS
Glayde Thunder S Goalkeeper SS
Armel Dark S Leader SS
Virgil Light S Leader S
Death Queen Ardor S Defender S
Baltheon Dark SSS Assist SSS
Metatron Dark SSS Defender SS
Kyoko Ardor SS Striker SS
Kevin Ardor SS Leader S
Shura Dark SS Assist S
William Ardor SS Striker S
Bora Ardor SS Striker S
Silk Whirlwind SS Leader S
Yuri Ardor SS Attacker S
Felix Thunder S Defender SSS
Victoria Ardor SS Defender SS
Gaphyl Ardor SS Leader SS
Elaine Ardor SS Leader SS
Choi Ardor SS Leader SS
Shu Ardor SS Attacker SS
Isillia Light SS Goalkeeper SS
Sharr Ardor SSS Striker SS
Magnus Whirlwind SSS Leader SS
Vonchi Light SSS Striker S
Jiho Ardor SS Defender SSS
Alice Dark SS Leader SSS
MX83 Askeladd Thunder SS Assist SSS
Serestia Dark SS Leader SSS
Black Ivy Light SS Leader SSS
Chitose Light S Defender SSS
Jin Whirlwind S Goalkeeper SSS
Shanti Whirlwind S Striker SSS
Niarose Dark B Assist B
Malcolm Dark B Attacker B
Asakura Dark B Attacker B
Zibroi Dark B Goalkeeper B
Jeunesse Dark A Leader A
Rasiel Light B Leader B
Savnok Light B Leader B
Elua Light B Assist B
Anael Light B Defender B
Uriel Light B Striker B
White Guardenia Light B Assist B
Silla Light S Assist S
Irre Whirlwind A Goalkeeper S
Beatrice Whirlwind S Striker S
EA43 Haru Thunder S Defender S
Milky Way Light S Leader S
AU96 Karpila Thunder S Assist S
Lynia Thunder S Attacker S
Altair Thunder S Defender S
Vivid Fear Whirlwind S Attacker S
Black Tortoise Whirlwind S Goalkeeper S
Dale Dark S Attacker A
Hyang Ran, the Shaman Light S Leader A
Ustiel Light S Leader A
Cynthia Thunder S Leader A
Lilith Dark S Leader A
Furion Whirlwind D Striker D
Jean Ardor D Leader B
EA08 Vayne Thunder C Striker D
Celine Light C Leader C
Cassiel Light C Attacker C
ZU01 Chrono Thunder C Assist C
Kaidormu Whirlwind C Defender C
Lemy Ardor C Assist B
Micki Ardor C Assist B
Sage Ardor C Attacker B
Roina Ardor C Attacker B
Gerrard Dark C Attacker A
Jheet Dark C Attacker A
Guinevere Thunder B Leader SS
Kirin Whirlwind B Striker S
Blade Thunder B Striker C
Irru Whirlwind B Striker C
Sue Ardor B Defender C
Alkyde Dark A Assist A
Hercules Light B Attacker C
Leah Light B Defender C
Muspel Light B Defender C
MX87 Lukia Thunder B Attacker C
Swimsuit Qiyou Whirlwind B Defender C
Erica Ardor B Defender B
Net Light B Defender B
Skorn Light B Attacker B
MX54 Butcher Thunder B Attacker B
Luri Light B Defender B
Nari Ardor B Assist B
Jacob Ardor B Leader B
Black Daisy Dark B Leader B
Phil Dark B Assist B
Lab Rat Rabian Dark B Striker B
Evylin Whirlwind S Assist SS
Lindberg Dark S Defender SS
Lucid Dark S Striker SS
Vitos Dark S Striker SS
Nerua Thunder S Defender SS
Ernesto Whirlwind S Leader SS
Presty Dark SSS Goalkeeper SSS
Duke Light SSS Attacker SSS
Duran Whirlwind SSS Defender SSS
Khirel Whirlwind SSS Attacker SSS
Jibril Light SSS Assist SSS
Jury Thunder B Defender B
DU007 Nute Thunder B Goalkeeper B
Chiffon Thunder B Attacker B
Z077 Cashlove Thunder B Assist B
Iggy Thunder B Leader B
ZXXV Edward Thunder B Assist B
Cow Demon Queen Whirlwind B Attacker B
Thor Thunder B Leader B
Fenrir Whirlwind B Assist B
Yeon Ardor A Leader S
Sammy Light A Assist S
Mikael Light A Attacker S
Latios Light A Striker S
Bell Thunder A Leader S
EA82 Nikita Thunder A Assist S
ZUXX Robin Thunder A Goalkeeper S
MX82 Vann Thunder A Striker S
Neraizel Whirlwind A Assist S
Kiki Whirlwind A Defender S
Tyler Ardor A Defender C
Fontus Dark A Attacker B
Orses Dark A Defender B
Z088 Beta Thunder A Attacker B
Vermilion Bird Whirlwind A Attacker B
Celus Light A Leader SS
MX27 Leventor Thunder A Striker SS
Aslan Whirlwind A Defender SS
Elchitusa Whirlwind A Assist SS
Patricia Dark A Defender S
Angela Ardor A Goalkeeper S
Hiro Light A Striker S
Lia Ardor A Assist S
Renee Ardor A Assist S
Lucian Ardor A Goalkeeper S
Kei Light A Goalkeeper S
Hildegard Thunder A Attacker S
Z001 Veronica Thunder A Leader S
Griffith Thunder A Striker S
Xing Whirlwind A Defender S
Lucifer Dark B Defender A
Dynames Light B Assist A
Elise Ardor B Leader A
Kyosuke Ardor B Defender A
Verister Dark B Assist A
Hamerus Dark B Assist A
Lynbell Dark B Defender A
Damien Dark B Striker A
Sky Light B Assist A
Crocell Light B Attacker A
Mariel Light B Leader A
Z101 Raklet Thunder B Goalkeeper A
Ravian Dark B Striker A
Princess Meiran Whirlwind A Leader SS
Valkyrja Beth Light A Leader SS
Enthia Whirlwind A Attacker B
Miho Whirlwind A Leader S
Lucius Ardor A Attacker A
Pinol Dark A Defender A
Ronald Dark A Goalkeeper A
Elizabeth Whirlwind A Leader A
Saramir Whirlwind A Assist A
Rudiel Whirlwind A Defender A
Jade Rakshasa Whirlwind A Defender A
Zhen Long Whirlwind A Leader A
Avnore Dark A Leader A
EA01 Luka Thunder A Assist A
Freyja Thunder A Leader A
Linmay Whirlwind A Assist A
Loyce Ardor A Attacker A
Grandeur Whirlwind A Leader A
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