Shardbound is a valuable techniques sport presently in development by Spiritwalk Games. While you perform, you’ll gather countless models and develop armies to participate mind-to-head with additional people in fits of cleverness and ability. Use placement, the landscape, as well as your units’ distinctive capabilities to attain success.
• Situations with numerous problems that provide you conclusion bonuses if finished. When you complete them, the Shard box may start, providing you with a mix of Chroma (currency of the overall game) and Containers. In average it ought to be near to 3-4 per Container.
• In the Shards, you’ll encounter both People and Robots. You are able to prevent robots entirely utilizing the Choices menu (it is in Gameplay). There’s a “hidden” matchmaking score (like ELO in chess) therefore theoretically you’ll encounter people with comparable rate and abilities. The capture with this specific ELO-centered program is the fact that if you should be a beginner, your score ought to be fairly much like somebody who has A 40% win rate. Playing against somebody with 100+ activities like a beginner with this type of win rate will be an uphill fight simply because they have significantly more expertise.
• Browse The Shard terms and utilize them. It employs exactly the same colored conference (good!) as card scarcity (Green-Blue-Crimson-Orange, Green may be simple and easy and Orange may be challenging and big.). Browsing the conditions may make it simpler.
• Participant etiquette: if you should be within an already lost fight, DO NOT submit when there is a worked reward condition or another comparable shared situation.
• The less skilled you’re, the less appealing surrender becomes. Understanding and totally failing may be the cost of being a greater participant, especially in proper or tactical activities.

Here is the complete tier list for Ash’s Shardbound

Creation SpecialistSExsanguinateS
ScrapSPlague SporeS
Raptor Class MechSSoul BountyS
Hound Class MechSFlesh OfferingS
Efficiency ExpertSGrave LotusS
Gravwell ExosuitSCorpse ExplosionA+
Personal Portal DeviceSPrestari CultistA+
Outlaw Class MechSGrim InspirationA+
Strike PackA+Dark TravelerA+
Zieger-1A+Narciso, Sarcone AssassinA+
Upgrade DepotA+Night HorrorA+
OverdriveA+Devious SocialiteA+
Repair ForemanA+Flesh PileA+
Armory GunnerACorpse WagonA+
Reloading ExosuitADark PractionerA+
Storm Class MechACannibalA
Summon NanobotsAPerfected SpecimenA
Defense MatrixABloodguardA
Targeting FrameABone EaterA-
Insured MechA-SoultakerA-
Salvage PartsA-Swarm SporeA-
Plating SpecialistA-ProgenitorA-
Blockade ForgerA-
Medframe TechA-
AscensionS+Roar: StrengthS+
ReckoningSRites ReaderS+
Skyborne CrusaderSTo Me!S
Bless The MeekSGhost PrimalS
Radiant LanceSWinged PrimalS
EvangelistA+Feral RushA+
High Luminator CerysA+Wolf PrimalA+
Holy ArmoryA+Strict PackmasterA+
HarbingerA+Moya PrimalA+
Lightspear JusticarA+Swift StrikeA+
Path’s FavorA+Tribe WarriorA+
ZealotAPack MentalityA+
Become DustAIdol Of KinshipA+
Summon BladesAGrowler PrimalA+
Chaotic SurgeAIdol Of EternityA+
Ardent InquisitorAAlpha PackmasterA
AbsolverAPack LordA
Shining DiscipleARoar: EarburstA
Echo of LightAVisefang PrimalA
Radiant ScionAAncient CallerA
Force BlastAMenagerieA
Luminator InitiateAEagle PrimalA-
Burn The WingsA-
Tempest HoundS+Baffling PresenceS
Tiny Island FenyaS+DistorterS
Lokri NightshadeS+Astral ChampionS
CultivatorSStellar ReplicasS
Vein WakerSAlternate RealityA+
CanalSAccelerator PyionA+
Strip MineSTemporal DrifterA+
Disciple of AlmastA+RebounderA+
The LifesparkA+Fork ExistenceA+
Voice of the SquallA+Warp SpecialistA+
Lifespring SeedlingA+Slow ReflexesA+
Rock CrusherA+Spark of GeniusA+
GroveguardAMind MelterA+
Zephyr MonkAPrism DancerA+
SeedsingerABrave ScryerA
Stonecall SeedlingAWarpgateA
Tunnel HellionAGravity SurgeA
Rampaging BoulderANot Your TimeA
Release The Crags!ARift TricksterA
Kovashi HighguardAFate LinkerA
Snapdragon CadetA-Quantum TurnkeyA-
Temporal TechnicianA-
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