Wizard101: How To Farm Evil Magma Peas

To farm evil magma peas, we have to set up a garden first, and if you want to plant extra evil magma peas in your little garden, you need to use a special technique. You must also have some idea how to farm firm, and where to get the spells that you need to take care of your evil magma peas. The first and the most important thing you need to do is that you must make a plot properly. Here is a glimpse of lots of evil magma peas growing in my garden:

How to make a Plot

This picture shows a place where we are going to start gardening.

What you need right now is the flat wooden platform and some crates. You can see the wooden platform and how eight crates are placed above it. There are different types of crates available in the market, but the ones I have are ice cream crates. You can also search for crates in the crown shop by going over to furniture, and then by sliding down the scroll bar to almost three fourth. Here you will be able to get platform – which you can buy for gold – as well as the crates.

All you need to do is place 4 crates together, and stack other four crates above them. Now put medium sized pots on these crates because that’s what evil magma peas’ size is.

Once you have put the pot over the top crates, you need to remove the top crates. Now, it’s time to plant another row on the first layer of the crates. Here is how you can do it.

As this second pot is placed, now let the crates remain where they are, but now you have to move the wood. Now do the same as we have done before, and put two other pots.

Place as many pots you can in one row. There would be three layers: two of them will be in the air, and the third one will be on the ground. I suggest that you plant the layer on the ground at last when you are done with the suspended ones because then it would be a lot easier. Once you have made one row, start making another.

As you keep on making new rows, this would look something like it.

Once you are done with the planting, the evil magma peas will look something like this.

In the very middle of the ground, I suggest you put a crate. Why I have that crate in the center of the ground is a very important question. In order to feed or water, you need this circle.

If I put this circle on the ground, it will take care of the bottom rows. On the other hand, if I move it upwards, it will take care of the middle and the topmost rows. So in order to move the circle properly, you need a reference point, focusing on which you can move you circle up and down. It doesn’t necessarily have to be crates in the middle; you can also put something else that will help you in this regard.

This is all about farming. The best thing about this technique is that you will be able to plant lots of evil magma peas even in a very small garden. On the other hand, if the peas are planted like this, it would also be very easy to take care of them. As I have told earlier, only one circle will be sufficient to provide water to all of these peas. Now, if you want your peas to grow properly and efficiently, you will also have to take care of their likes as well as the spells which help them grow.

For instance, these evil magma peas like mushrooms, so you can place one alongside these peas. It doesn’t matter whether this mushroom is dead or alive, the only thing that matters is that it’s there. Here is the mushroom that I have placed in my garden.

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