Sims 4: Top Mods That You Need

On playing the Sims, I personally concluded that the game is missing out on a lot of things that players would love to have in Sims 4. A devoted community intends to fix a number of issues that plague the game. Some might seem foolish but some are completely necessary to add flavour to the game! We owe a lot to the community for keeping this game alive and charming and thanks to the modifiers on their unceasing efforts in making the game better

Let’s check out some mods that you badly need to make to the game more interesting

Give your Sims more traits

After playing Sim3, one feels a little ripped off when modifying his character in the newest version, Sim 4. Both these games have a trait system that enables you to have a different set of characteristics. But unfortunately, the latest version restricts your options of giving desired traits to your Sims (from 6 to 3) the “add more CAS traits” takes away this limitation and provides you with an opportunity to add plethora of traits to your Sims, making the game all more interesting! Now you can get insane and add as many traits to your Sims personality as you like! No limitations at all.

Super speed boost

During your play, you will encounter hundreds of events in Sims life that you will never want to skip. But unluckily even the highest speed sometimes is not sufficient. Many a times, the game undergoes temporary malfunctioning when your Sim is sleeping or out for work. This glitch impedes the game from entering the maximum speed. That’s the reason why this “super speed boost” option is of paramount importance as it’s hard for you to wait and watch your Sim snoring up a strong for a couple of minutes.

Unlock all locked items

One best thing that makes Sims 4 most interesting is the ability to unlock new items until you reach a level of certain career tracks. But the problem that one confronts here is that it takes too long to unlock all these items and you never know what function all of them perform. You can sit back and enjoy the game or you can immediately install the Sims 4 Build buy mode Unlocked mode. This will enable you to buy every single item and make you eligible for the luxurious rooms that are completely beyond your creativity level! So the ball is in your court!

Look at all the people

Sometimes you may feel that the Sim town is not inhabited by many people. This may even give you the feeling of boredom and being detached from others. This mod will enable you to get rid of isolation and develop strong bonding with your fellow beings, making this town a better and much happier place to live!

More parks

If your Sim is extrovert and likes to hang out and develop bonds of friendship with others, this mode will be perfect for you! The game makers know your desires and always try to come up with something different and interesting that will force the players to engross in their devices.

Get a car!

Having new cars and driving them has always been fun. Sims 4 has introduced many different cars that will provide you with richer experience while making the game exceedingly interesting! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab a car of your own choice!

You are a cinema, I could watch you forever

You must be tired of playing the same game over and over again without the introduction of any new features that make the game more joyful and playable. Here we have got something really exciting for you! With the cinema mod on, you can now enjoy the latest blockbusters in Sims 4. Isn’t it great! So go to the cinema along with your family and enjoy popcorns while watching movie on a huge screen!

Be a teacher!

Now that’s fantastic! If you want your Sim to do a job that earns him social recognition and handsome salary at the same time, this mod is just right for you. Now you can train your Sims and help them have a better qualification and a reasonable package too.

Amazing artist

Are you having a tough time making both ends meet? Are your skills for becoming an acclaimed artist useless? This is the mod for you! This will enable you to become a prolific artist, allowing you to make a lot of money! So a lavish life is just this mod away from your Sim!

New hair

It’s natural to get bored by playing with the same characters again and again. The introduction of new faces adds real fun to the game. You would be happy to know that you have total freedom to customize your Sims the way you want. You can also make them look more attractive by giving them new hairstyles.

Stop getting sick

Switching to this mode will allow you to get rid of all the ailments that you suffer from. This can make your Sims immortal and everlasting.

Activity chairs work better

The activity table is very important for the children as it allows them to sit properly and carry out different activities. It also enables the kids, to maintain a comfortable posture that is not harmful for their back muscles. This mod helps you to drag your chair to the right position that makes it less space consuming and a fine piece of decoration.

Upgrade anything instantly

Upgrading things can take a lot of time. You must need to have a pair of skillful hands before you start to upgrade anything. This mod enables you to upgrade anything in the twinkling of an eye!

Double your wages

Every one of us wants to make money and strive for a better life. This mod will help all those people who want to excel in their profession and earn hefty amounts of money. This mod allows you to stay at your workplace and gives you the option to stay at your workplace for even later and double your wages!

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