Town Of Salem: Tips and Tricks for Blackmailer Role

The blackmailer is a mafia role and he is not immune, and his ability is to silence people so that they won’t be able to speak next day. He can do this by blackmailing people. This role is also very influential in a way because in Town of Salem if you want to do something, you need to speak up, and at times you also need to shout out loud when you want to get a mafia member lynched. But, when the blackmailer is able to silent you, the following night you won’t be able to perform your role properly. However, the blackmailer isn’t here just to silent people; there are lots of other things that this character can do.

Biggest Threat

When you are playing the role of the blackmailer, you will be connected to the mafia community, and being the member of the mafia community, the biggest threats for you will be serial killers, spies, veterans, arsonists, and all those characters which have investigative capabilities. However, these aren’t the only characters that will turn against you in the game, but the town members as well because you are working in communion with the mafia. Thus, it would also be in the best interests of the town community to get you lynched as soon as possible. Being a blackmailer, you always need to be very careful of the witch, the serial killer, the arsonist and other investigative roles.

As mentioned earlier the blackmailer doesn’t have immunity and that is very disadvantageous. When you are playing this character, you don’t feel the sense of security at all. And once your character is revealed, you are dead. But, this doesn’t mean at all that you don’t have the ability to manipulate interests in the town. If you use your abilities to their fullest, you will be able to bring significant change and confusion in the town.

How to Use Blackmailer’s Role to its Full Potential

In order to make use of your abilities effectively, firstly, you need to scan the chat by yourself. You are going to work out who is the noisiest person in the town. Now, as this noisy person always likes to talk, and if you have got this person, you can use him to your advantage. You can blackmail this person next night, and you will be able to stop rallying the town against you because people who talk a lot are likely to be more charismatic and can be a great thorn in your side. When you have got a person blackmailed, and if you know there is no spy in the game, you can taunt the person that you blackmailed. It is also possible that people will lynch the most aggressive people in the game, and it’s quite a sneaky way of getting the town members lynched. So, you can use this to your advantage too: for instance, if you are talking to a person and he is being aggressive to you, you can complain about it, and you can start a vote whether to lynch this person or not. Now, before you start the vote, you need to come up with a good strategy. You can proclaim that this person is a jester or a veteran. And then you can say, he is aggressive too, so maybe the town will lynch him.

Stop the Town from Working Together

Looking at the chats of people should always be your first priority, and the second most important thing that you are supposed to do is to stop the town roles from making connections by trying your best to ensure that they do not work together. For instance, there is a jailor and who is one the most important town protection roles which can save a lot of people from trouble. So, if you think that the jailor is protecting too many innocent people, you can silent the jailor so he won’t be able to protect any town member further.

Be Active

As a blackmailer, you also need to be active in the town because you don’t want people to lynch you because you are too quiet. Being quiet is not the best way to go about it. If you are doing properly in the game, you also have the chance of becoming the Mafioso. If somebody starts raging at you that you are the blackmailer, and the godfather dies the same night, then in these situations you have to be a little bold, and you can tell them that you can investigate me, I am not the blackmailer. Once he is proved wrong, he will lose his respect and trust in the town community, and now it is time for you to accuse him. It is a very sneaky way of doing things, but it works most of the times, and you will often see town lynching people by having developed a biased opinion which was sparked by you. I am not giving you the universal principle that it would be your enemy always that would be lynched, but the chances of you being lynched are fairly equal.

Cause Rage in a Specific Person

The best way to go about as a blackmailer is to cause rage in a specific person. The benefit of doing this is that it draws the attention away from the mafia as a whole and from you in particular because a raging person always attracts suspicion. Also, make sure that you have fewer chances of being targeted. Even when the town is not convinced enough to lynch the person whom you strategically put into raging position, there is no need to worry because the serial killer is here to do what the town community couldn’t. That is to say, the serial killer will go after the raging person, and this is something that you want to milk for all its worth.

Keep the Sheriff Quiet

One of the most obvious things that a blackmailer is supposed to do is if you know there is a sheriff in the community and if you know the exact person who has this role, then try your best to keep that person quiet. If you keep the sheriff quiet, this little chance that he has to kill you or to kill any other member of the mafia community for that matter will be lost.

As a blackmailer, you will always be able to know when the godfather failed to kill a target, and if the serial killer is loose in this particular situation, he needs to die. You can use a strategy to kill a serial killer. As the serial killer is immune, you can say to the town community that he is a vigilante, and if they don’t buy that, then go one step ahead and say that look I attacked him and he is still alive, so that means he is a serial killer and I request all of you to lynch this person. Use this strategy in those situations only when you think there are lots of mafia members left, so even if you die as a backlash, it won’t affect the mafia community. But, if you need the serial killer gone, this is the way to do it.

Try Your Best to Live

When you are playing the role of the blackmailer, it is always best to work with the mafia community because you don’t have immunity, and if something happens, the mafia will be able to cover your back. Remaining alive in Town of Salem is not a very difficult task but it requires lots of thinking and lots of observation. In the initial stages of the game, your first priority should be to keep yourself alive because at this stage the race for voting hasn’t begun yet. At this initial stage, you can help the mafia community by silencing those people who you think can be really dangerous for the mafia community in general and for you in particular. As the game goes on, your priority to keep yourself alive should go into the background because at this stage the mafia will be taking care of you because they need one extra vote. So, in the final phases of the game, you will have maximum time to observe, and if you are keen in observation, you will be able to reveal the identities of the lots of people.

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