Town Of Salem: Tips to Play as Jailor

Jailer is a town killing role, and here is how this role works.

Choosing a Target

Jailor chooses a target during the course of the day, the person whom they want to jail next night, and this can be done by clicking on the yellow sun on the top of the page. Now, it’s very easy to forget to jail someone, but when you click the yellow sun, the person will be jailed automatically next night, but if you change your mind afterwards, you can change the target.

Jailor and the Victim

The jailor and the person he chooses to jail – the victim – can talk to one another without anyone hearing. The Jailor remains completely anonymous in this conversation and only you know his identity. One thing I have noticed is that occasionally, a member of the mafia will not realize that they are in fact in jail, and talk as if they are in mafia chat – if this happens, execute.

Immunity of Jail Victim

The jail victim is immune to all night actions except for those taken by the jailor. For instance, if an arsonist is trying to kill a person or say trying to burn him, and then jailor intervenes and locks the person in the jail, then it means that arsonist won’t succeed in his endeavors.

Ability of Jailor to Execute

The jailor can execute the person, whom he has jailed, but there is a limit to the execution and the jailor can execute only three people per game. This cannot be done, however, on the first night. If a Jailor jails a serial killer or a werewolf and doesn’t execute them, then the jailor will die.


Do not under any circumstance reveal to town what your role is until absolutely necessary. You are a prime target for evil people, and once your identity is revealed, it will only be a matter of time that you die. So try your best to hide your identity.

Victims that are Innocent

When you jail someone, ask about their roles immediately. The players who answer immediately are more likely to be innocent. Evil players might not be expecting to be jailed, and once they are jailed and you ask them about their role, they might need some time to think what lies they can possibly tell.

Ask Persons to Read their Tribute

If you want to confirm the roles of the persons, ask them to read their tribute to you. If they answer correctly, they are nearly guaranteed to be innocent, but it is also possible that a player might know the attributes of any other role by heart, so in these cases, you won’t be able to know the real identity of the person. Evil players most of the time will open Town of Salem Wiki to find the information, so if a player takes too long to respond, consider executing them.

If Target Claims to be Investigative Role

If your target claims to be an investigative role, then get them to read you their reports because this is a good way to get information on town roles, and will allow you to rule out who to jail next.


An interesting tactic you can use on prisoners is that you can frighten them by saying that you will execute them. Now, this can turn players into a defensive position – you don’t have to execute them in reality, and you can always change your mind when you are ensured that they are innocent. You can always tell from the responses of the person when you first jail them whether they are innocent or not.

Jail People to protect them

If any innocent town member is in danger of dying, you can jail them and protect them from dying. This is especially effective strategy for a man who cannot be protected by the doctor because the doctor’s powers work only during the day. So as mentioned earlier, when you jail somebody, he becomes immune for the rest of the night and nobody will be able to touch him except you. Once the night is passed, you can free the person, and he can go to his house safe and sound.

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