Pokemon Go has been released to a lot of countries by now. It is being played by almost everybody on the street, in school and sometimes in the office (we know, you don’t need to deny it).

Did you already know what are the worst Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Go? Well, we know you already have a few in mind, we’ll see if that Pokemon you have is on the list.

Here are the top 10 worst Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Go! (and of course, Squirtle is not included. We just used his cuteness.)

Also, while these are the “worst” you can catch, you still need to catch them, as some of them, including the one the 1st spot have very good, gym-worthy Pokemon evolutions.

  1. Chansey

This cute, pink, cuddly and Nurse Joy’s helper landed on our 10th spot. Why? It is not because she looks weak, it is because she can only go as far as 675 max CP on the game and can not evolve – yet (since we’re playing gen 1 Pokemons). So we are sorry about that, cute, cuddly, pink Pokemon Go Trainers, Chancey is on our 10th.

Pokemon games, which in turn, provides some validity and more acceptance from the fans.

  1. Zubat

On the 9th spot is this elusive Zubat — NOT! Zubats are a pretty common catch everywhere usually at night (we know not as common as Rattata) but with their small size and usually their distance you will have to throw a couple of Pokeballs — a lot of Pokeballs just to catch them. Aside from that their potential max CP is only 642 but you can definitely evolve them to Golbat if you’re lucky enough to catch a lot.

  1. Abra

I wonder if any of you thought of Abra being on this list? With its low catch rate and high flee rate to mimic its teleporting move on the game. Abra is on our 8th spot! Catching one is extremely lucky and we know that its CP is not that good but catching enough can help you evolve it to Kadabra and even a Alakazam if you’re the God of luck!

  1. Rattata

Just after Abra is Rattata! Now let me ask you, how many Pokeballs did you have to throw just to catch one? Yep, it looks like it loves to break free and then it lets you throw some more Pokeballs then run away! Aside from that, its CP can only get to 581 max. It can evolve to Raticate though but it can be as disappointing.

The good thing about this common Pokemon? You can use all the Rattata candies to do a good evolving grind while you’re on a Lucky egg to maximize the XP.

  1. Kakuna

This bug poison type Pokemon with the Hardened shell is on our 6th place. The only reason it should stay on your Pokedex is if you want it to evolve to a Beedrill. Its max CP? 485. Oh and Kakuna is the evolved form of Weedle, just in case you’re not aware.

  1. Diglett

This ground Pokemon Diglett is grounded on our 5th spot. This humble little one, can only reach a max of 456 CP and can only learn mediocre moves that can not really help you out during Gym Battles.

  1. Weedle

Since Kakuna is on our 6th spot, Weedle will be on the 4th. This unevolved Kakuna can only have 449 CP and its damage can’t really do much.

The only thing you can do with a Weedle is to evolve it into a Kakuna then Kakuna to Beedrill. At least you can do that with only 12 Weedle candies so you can still do your evolving grind with a Lucky Egg.

  1. Metapod

Landing on the top three spot is Metapod! Just like its Kakuna counter part but its CP can only reach up to 447! The only way to keep it? Butterfree of course!

  1. Caterpie

Of course, the Pokemon that is worse than Metapod is its unevolved form – Caterpie! From its Weedle counter part, this Pokemon can only reach 443 CP and can only do Bug Bite, Tackle and Struggle.

Editors Note: I love Butterfree.

  1. Magikarp

The top worst Pokemon goes to… Magikarp! This water type Pokemon can only do Splash and Struggle and can reach an embarrassing 262 CP BUT this nonsense Magikarp can evolve to a Gyrados! One of the strongest Pokemon in the game. If you have the patience, enough Pokeballs and knowledge which Magikarp to choose then say hello to your own strong Pokemon — Gyrados!

Final Thoughts

Indeed Magikarp is on our top spot as the worst Pokemon in the game but the only thing good about that Pokemon is once you have enough candies (400 Magikarp candies), you can evolve it to an awesome Gyrados – one of the best Pokemon there is!

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