Wizard101: List of Death Spells

Damage Spells


Name Level Description
Avenging Fossil 88 It causes death damage of
Banshee 10 It inflicts 245-305% death
Dark Sprite 1 It inflicts 65-105% death
Deer Knight Any It has the ability to cause
death damage of 270-300%. The location of this spell is Knight’s Lore pack.
Dr. Von’s Monster Any It steals 825% health and
also has the healing capacity. It can also cause infection.
Ghoul 5 It steals opponent’s
King Artorius 90 It causes 725% death damage
and also infects the enemy.
Lord of the Night Any It steals 25% of the enemy
health and heals you in the next round.
Poison Any It causes death damage of
40-435% and its location is Complete Krokosphinx.
Scarecrow 48 It can steal health up to
Skeletal Dragon 58 It causes death damage in
three rounds simultaneously.
Skeletal Pirate 22 It causes 430-510% Death
Vampire 16 It steals health.
Wraith 42 It steals 50% health.



Name Level Description
Curse 18 It causes 20% damage.
Death Shield Any It inflicts 80% death
Death Trap Any It causes more than 30%
death damage.
Dream Shield Any It causes 70% life damage.
Feint 26 Feint causes 70% damage in
the current round and 30% in the next round.


Name Level Description
Bad Juju 75 Causes 300% damage to the
Dark Pact 35 This spell causes damage in
two rounds.
Death Blade 7 Causes 40% death damage.
Death Spear 80 It is a piercing armor.
Infection Any It heals you up to 50%.
Mass Infection 72 It is a healing spell.
Plague Any It is a damage spell for
Strangle Any It is an outgoing death
spell for the enemies.
Virulent Plague 55 Causes damage to all


Here is a list of manipulations, global spells, and damage-to-self spells:

Etheral Servant

Charmed Sprite

Crypt Watchguard

Ghoulish Retainer

Summoned Soul

Captive Banshee

Living Scarecrow

Ghastly Spectre

Enchanted Howler

Crypt Walker

Risen Tombmaster

Skeletal Sergeant

Soul Crusher

Death Incarnate


Mega Pacify

Death Prism


Doom and Gloom

Mass Death Prism



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