Fire Emblem Heroes | Lachesis Guide & Analysis

Lachesis, like her brother, is from the world of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is a colorless unit and has a 5★ rarity. A Colorless Staff wielding unit that has the movement speed of an Infantry.

As of this writing, Lachesis is ranked as a B-Rank colorless unit.

Lachesis | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

  • Rarity: 5★
    • Color Type: Colorless
    • Weapon Type: Staff
    • Mode of Travel: On Foot (Infantry)

    Base Statistics (5):
    • Base HP: 16 ~ 18
    • ATK: 5 ~ 7
    • SPD: 7 ~ 9
    • DEF: 4 ~ 6
    • RES: 7 ~ 9

    You can only summon Lachesis as a 5★ unit in the game. She is one of the featured units in the Sibling Bonds Summoning Event from February 27 to March 14. Comparing her base stats to Elise and Lissa, she has a good amount of HP and RES for a staff wielding unit.


Notable Weapons (might):

• Assault (10)
• Absorb (4)

Lachesis has two kinds of weapons. Assault with a high Might and Absorb with just 4 Might but it can recover HP. The amount of HP it can recover is 50% of damage dealt.


• Heal
• Mend
• Physic

Heal can restore 5 HP. Mend can restore 10 HP. Physic can also restore HP. Aside from restoring 8 HP it can also heal all allies within 2 spaces of the target.


• Imbue
• Solid-Earth Balm

Her Imbue special skill grants her an additional 10 HP recovery when she use it to a staff wielding ally. Same goes to Solid-Earth Balm, aside from HP recovery, she also grants all allies DEF+4 for 1 turn.

Passives Skills:

• Spur RES (1/2/3)

This skill can grant nearby allies (+2/+3/+4) during combat.

Lechesis | Final Evaluation:

What sets apart Lachesis from other Mages in FE:Heroes is her Imbue and Solid-Earth Balm. These Special Moves are useful if you have another Staff wielding unit in your party. A Healer (Lachesis) and a Buffer. Her Physic Assist Move is also great as it can also heal nearby allies around her target.

Physic costs 200 SP to unlock.

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