Fallout 4 : All Picket Fences Locations

There are a total of “5” picket magazines that you have to locate in order to recognize your hidden potential. Finding them will provide new perks and special bonuses to you. With these magazines in your possession, you will be able to design statues, potted plants, and high tech lightning, among other things. This article will help you locate all the 5 picket magazines present in the game.

Picket Fences 1:

Combat Zone

This magazine has multiple editions and you are going to find the first one in the “gladiatorial arena” also known with the name” combat zone” that is located in the good neighbor village. Here you can also induct Cait as a volunteer. The magazine is placed on one of the tables that can be found in front of the battle cage.

Picket Fences 2:

Hardware town

You will have to reach at the hardware town, located in the South-western direction of the diamond city, to have access to this magazine. You can find it in the manager’s office. Once you get it, you get the license to build high-tech lighting in municipal workshops.

Picket Fence 3:

Saugus Ironworks

Saugus Ironworks, located in the north-eastern part of the commonwealth, is the place where you can find Picket Fence 3. Once you reach there, you have to enter the blast furnace area through the blue door on the third floor in order to gain victory over the boss that you will encounter there. Once you defeat this boss, you will be all set to grab this magazine. The next thing you will discover here is explosives bobblehead that will put you in a perfect position to build statues in municipal workshops.

Picket Fences 4:

Weston Water Treatment Plant

The fourth version of this magazine can be obtained from Weston Water Treatment Plant that is situated towards east of Fort Hagen. Reach the ground floor by taking the elevator and snatch Picket Fences 4 magazine. Getting this will enable you to build patio furniture in municipal workshops.

Picket Fences 5:

Beantown Brewery

Picket Fences 5 magazine can be taken from the Beantown Brewery, located across the river, opposite to the police station in Cambridge. Going upstairs in the Brewery, you have to enter the huge hall in order to grab the magazine. Now, you have got the permit to build Picket Fencing in Municipal workshops.

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