OSRS Blast Furnace – Runescape Guide

In the Blast furnace, you can make gold bars to get a huge amount of money. It also gives you the option to make steel, addy, rune and mith bars. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

The reward totally depends on you. More number of bars you make, the more money you will get.  


At the start, a car conductor will ask you to have a free ride to Keldagrim in his minecart.  

He will take you to Keldagrim instantly. 

You will see many workers working there to make the gold bars. You can ask the workers to make gold for you. You need to deposit your coins in the box or give it to the foreman  

You can also make steel, addy, rune and mith bars. Take trips around the working area to get yourself the bars.  

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