OSRS Biohazard – RuneScape Guide

In the Biohazard quest, the players have to help Elena in discovering the truth about the infamous Ardougne plague. Smuggle test samples across Ardougne to Elena’s old mentor.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 1,250 thieving XP.  
  • 3 Quest points. 
  • Ability to use King Lathas’s training field.  
  • Ability to travel freely through the West Ardougne gate. 


Enter the house of Elena, she will tell you that the mourners took away her distillation equipment. Now she won’t be able to test the plague samples. They are in the mourners quarter in the west Ardougne, she will request you to help her. You’ll agree to help her.  

Move to the house of Jerico, he will tell you that he has arranged two friends to help you cross the wall. Take a pigeon and bird feed from his house and start running towards the southern side.  

Reach closer to the well and ask Omart that Jerico told you that you might help him. Omart will reply that first they need to distract the guards. Move to the guards and release pigeons to distract them. Climb over the wall now with the help of a rope ladder.  

Move forward and pick up a rotten apple on your way, squeeze through the fence and use the apple on the cauldron. Go to the south western building and pick up a doctor’s gown from the cupboard.  

Wear the doctor’s gown and enter into the mourners quarter. Enter the room on the left side, climb up the ladder and kill the mourner. You will see crates there, search them and there will be a distillator in one of them. Take the distillator.  

Teleport back to Elena’s house, and give her the distrillator. She will give you four items, take a boat and go to Brimhaven and then move to the Port Sarim  

Move towards the house of the chemist. Tell him that you are Elena’s friend and you need touch papers for Guidor. He will give it to you and tells you to take the boys with you to carry your items. 

Talk to the boys outside the chemist’s house and give them 3 separate items to take to Varrock. Now move to the band of Entrana, you will find a bank deposit box there, use your touch paper and plague sample on it.  

Teleport to Varrock and buy a priest gown from the shop. Get the touch paper and sample from the bank ggo south and enter the Inn and take the items from three boys.  

Wear the priest gown and enter the house of Guidor. Tell him that you are here to seek his help in order to stop the plague. Give him all the items that are needed to test the plague. He will tell you that this is not the plague, someone is lying to you.  

Teleport yourself back to Elena and tell her that Guidor told him that there is no plague. Then she will ask you to go to the King of East Ardougne.  

Enter the castle and climb up the stairs to meet the king. Tell King Lathas that you were finding plague in the hoax. He will reply that he lied for the betterment of people This will end your quest and you will get rewards for it.  

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