Fight Arena is an experienced quest in Old School RuneScape. The Quest assigns you the task of retrieving the Servil Family from General Khazard who has forcefully abducted them. He plans to make them fight to death in the Fight Arena for his own amusement.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 2 Quest points Quest points 
  • 1,000 coins 
  • The Khazard armour  
  • Attack 12,175 Attack experience 
  • Thieving 2,175 Thieving experience  


Fight Arena is located in the northeast corner of the Tree Gnome Village Maze. To start the Quest, you first need to talk to Lady Servil who is located next to the northwest corner of the Fight Arena. 

She will tell you that General Khazard asked to marry her but she refused. He then abducted her family as a punishment. After hearing this, you should offer to help her. 

In order to complete this quest, you need Khazard Armor. Go to the set of buildings located south of the local Monastery. Head to the most northeastern house and locate the chest in the house. Open it and equip both the Khazard helmet and the Khazard Armor. 

You now need to go to the Khazard Prison which forms the south and east boundaries of the fight arena. The door to the prison will be locked but the guards will let you in if you have the Khazard helmet and Armor equipped. After entering the prison, go the northmost cell of the east wing of the prison to talk to Sammy Servil through the cell bars 

Sammy will tell you that one of the guards has keys to his cell. You can find this guard by the staircase in the Southeastern cornet of the jail. Talk to him and he will mention that he wants to have “Khali brew”. This drink can only be found in the bar situated west of the western entrance of the prison. Go to the bar and buy the drink for five coins. (You can only buy it if you talked to the guard earlier). Now go back to the prison and offer the drink to the Khazard guard. He will soon get drunk and offer you the keys to Sammy’s cell. 

Use the keys on Sammy’s door to take him out to the main arena. Here you will find Sammy’s father being attacked by a level 63 Khazard Ogre. Kill the ogre to rescue Justin Servil. 

Once the ogre is killed, General Khazard will appear and take you in as a fight slave. Inside your prison cell, talk to Hengrad. 

After he is done talking, you will be escorted to the arena to fight a level 44 Khazard Scorpion. If you successfully kill him, General khazard will release a level 137 bouncer. You can use a safe spot to kill the bouncer. 

Once the bouncer is killed, the Servils will escape the arena and General Khazard who is level 112 will try to kill you himself. But this is an optional fight and you can simply walk away if you don’t want to fight.  

After defeating General Khazard, go back to Lady Servil to claim your reward.  

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