OSRS Tree Gnome Village – RuneScape Guide

Tree Gnome Village quest focuses on the war between the Tree Gnomes and General Khazard’s arm. During the quest, you need to aid the gnomes by retrieving stolen orbs. King Bolren needs your help to win the battle against the general.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • The Gnome amulet.  
  • Use of spirit trees for transportation.  
  • 11,450 attack XP. 
  • 2 Quest points.  


At the start of the quest, run through the maze and find a way to exit. Move to the quest sign and have a chat with King Bolren. He will ask you to retrieve the orbs of protection, this would be a great benefit for them in the battlefield.  

Go to the commander Montai, tell him that King Bolren has tasked you to retrieve the orbs of protection. He will reply that the orbs are in the Khazard’s stronghold. He will ask you to get 6 logs to repair their defenses. Gather the woods and give to Montai. He will then ask you to find the missing tracker and bring back the coordinates.  

Run to the northern side and cross the bridge, you will find tracker gnome 3 there. Ask him for the coordinates of the Khazard stronghold. He will give you a puzzle-like answer but this may have importance in your quest.  

Keep moving north and you will reach gnome tracker 1. Ask him for the coordinates for the Khazard stronghold. He will tell you about the height coordinate. Then enter the circular cell building, tracker gnome 2 will tell you the y coordinate.  

Cross the western bridge, and you will find a ballista there. Fire the ballista and select the number that you noted down from the puzzled answer of gnome tracker 3. This will fire a giant spear straight into the Khazard stronghold  

Move forward and climb over the crumbled wall. Then climb up the ladder in the building and you will see a chest box in the corner of the room. Search and find out the stolen orb of protection.  

Exit the building and start running towards the south. Follow Elkoy through the maze to enter into the village. Give the orb of protection to the King. He will tell you that the Khazard army attacked them last night and took the other orbs with them. Tell him that you will help again in getting the probes back.  

Now move towards the Khazard stronghold and kill the Khazard warlord near the wall.  

After killing him, pick up two orbs of protection. Head yourself back to the king and give him the orbs of protection. He will tell you about the spirit tree and this will end your quest.  

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