How to Change Font In CS:GO

Changing fonts in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fascinates a lot of players. This guide will let you know how to do it without much hassle.

Step 1:

First, download the Font Manager from the following link After opening this link in your browser, you need to download FontManager.exe from here.

Step 2:

Drag the download to the desktop and open it up when the download is finished. A message window will appear on your screen saying, “Successfully found a CS GO path!” Click yes.

But in case it does not find the CS GO path. Click No and enter the path of the game manually.

Step 3:

Finding a path is easy; open your Steam, and go to the library to find CS GO. Right-click on it, go to properties, navigate to local files, and then browse.

A new window containing the complete link you are trying to find will open. You have to copy this link from the bar and paste it into that message window.

Step 4:

A window will reappear with this message “Successfully found a CS GO path!” Click Yes now, and a new font manager window will open up.

Step 5:

You can find the new fonts here on this link if you need decent fonts. Please select a font that you like and download it. When the downloading is complete, select the file and drag it to the font manager window.

Step 6:

A new window that reads Select font will ask you which font you want to install. Remember that always choose the font files with the .otf extension. So, you must type the respective number according to the given list if the fonts are more than one. Then click OK. The next window will appear with a success message “the font has been added to your library.” You need to click on OK.

Step 7:

Now in the font manager window, click on the font to adjust its size to smaller or bigger. Then click on the button below that says “Apply selected font,” click yes on the next window asking if you are sure to apply this font to CS GO. Click on yes and then OK once more on the next window, “Successfully applied the font.”

Now go to the game and see that font has been changed everywhere. So, that is how you can change the font in the game CS GO.