How to get Wishes and Unlock Additional Characters and Weapons in Genshin Impact

The following guide will help you find a way to get wishes and unlock Additional characters and weapons in Genshin Impact.

On PC, you need to press F3 to open up the Wish Menu and click on the Wish option. 

Now, as you can scroll to the bottom, you will find the wishes on the right bottom side of your screen, but it’s blanked out. 

To unlock it and get more characters, you need to have this stuff at the bottom left side of the screen.  

As you can see, it’s 160 primos here again, and now you will use this to make a quick wish. If you are trying to get Jean and Dirk, then it’s tough to do.

To get this, you essentially need to play the game or pay for the currency. If you press +, redeem, and then go to the top of the page, you need to pay for crystals, which will turn into gems. 

If it’s 160 gems per wish, you will need to pay five quids or five dollars for that, which is not that good. The best bundle is this as it gives you instant stuff and daily gifts.

Now, this is the only way to unlock the characters given to you in the game. If you want to wish for more characters and support the devs, you have to invest a bit of the money in the game. 

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