OSRS Sand Crabs (How To Reach) – Runescape Guide

Sand crabs are monsters that look like sand rocks. They are static but once you get closer to them, they will start moving and will try to attack you.  

Sand Crabs (How To Reach):  

Teleport yourself to Draynor village. Go to the ship deck and have a chat with Veos. Ask him to take you to Port Piscarilius in his ship. 

Veos will instantly take you to the Port Piscarilius . After reaching there, start running towards the west side to reach the coast.  

You will reach the coast soon and there you will see many sand rock-like creatures called sand crabs.  

You can look up for a person name Sandicrab. Give him 10,000 coins and he will take you to the Crabclaw Isle.  

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