OSRS Graceful – Get the Full Outfit & Recolors

Graceful Outfit is a set of weight-reducing gear that you can buy from Grace’s Graceful Clothing. This store is owned by Grace who lives in Burthorpe under the Toad and Chicken Inn in the Rogues’ Den. In addition to the Graceful outfit, the store also sells amylase crystals which can be used to create stamina potions in Herblore. 

Each individual piece of Grace outfit increases your rate of energy restoration up to 20 percent when you are idle, walking or busy, however wearing the complete Grace outfit reduces your weight by 25 kilograms and increases your energy recharge rate by 30 percent. The full graceful outfit is also a requirement for a master clue scroll step. 

You can buy the outfit using “marks of grace” which you can score by completing various Rooftop agility Courses. The full outfit costs 260 marks of grace. However you can buy individual pieces and the prices are as follows: 

Graceful hood    > 35 marks of grace 

Graceful top       > 55 marks of grace 

Graceful legs      > 60 marks of grace 

Graceful gloves  > 30 marks of grace 

Graceful boots   > 40 marks of grace 

Graceful cape     > 40 marks of grace 

After obtaining all the pieces of the clothing, you can store the outfit in a magic wardrobe in the costume room of your Player owned House (POH). When you are done using the outfit, you can sell the complete set back to the store for 208 marks of grace. 

Note: An important point to note is that items like penance gloves, boots of lightness and spottier cape reduce weight more than their graceful alternatives, however they have no effect on the energy restoration bonus. Secondly, if you are in the wilderness or above level 20 and you happen to die, you will not be able to retrieve your graceful outfit. Another disclaimer is that the weight reduction benefits of the Graceful outfit do not transfer to the Free to Play worlds.  

Marks of Grace: 

It is a wise idea to start running laps of Rooftop agility courses as early as you can in order to obtain the outfit. The earliest you can score enough marks of grace to buy the complete set is at level 56. You can start with Draynor at Level 10 and instead of moving to Falador, stick to Canifis from levels 40 through 56. This should yield you enough marks of grace to buy the whole outfit. 

You can also try the Seer’s Village Rooftop Course to obtain the required marks of grace which are earned at about the same rate here as Canifis. The main advantage here is the far better experience points you get at all the Kandarin Diary Tiers. 

After you have enough marks, you can choose to buy the graceful outfit or around 2600 amylase crystals. The grace outfit allows you to conserve a lot of energy throughout different quests and buying the outfit saves you a lot of gold coins that you would inevitably need to spend on stamina potions. However, if you buy the amylase crystals, you can sell them in exchange for gold coins. You have to consider your playstyle in order to make the right decision. 


The game gives you the ability to recolor your graceful outfit to one of the six different colors.  

These colors include (from left to right) the colors of Arceuus, the colors of Port Piscarilius, the colors of Lovakengj, the colors of Shayzien, the colors of Hosidius and the colors of Kourend. 

The outfit can be recolored by talking to Osten in the Shayzien House located in the Great Kourend. You need to earn 100% favor in a city in order to wear its color. Having 100% favor in all the cities allows you to wear a special color scheme. 

Every piece in the outfit costs 15 marks of grace to recolor and the whole outfit costs 90 marks. If you don’t like a color, you can ask Osten to revert the outfit to the default appearance, however you don’t get a refund and recoloring again will cost the same number of marks. 

In addition to the six colors mentioned above, you can get a dark blue color scheme similar to the Agility Cap from Pirate Jackie the fruit located in Brimhaven. He however has no interest in marks of grace and buying this color scheme will set you back 250 agility arena tickets. You also need to have the complete outfit to wear this color scheme.  

With the addition of Hallowed Sepulchre, you can recolor your outfit to black by buying a dark dye for 300 hallowed marks per piece or 1800 for the complete outfit. 

You can also recolor your outfit to brown with a Trailblazer graceful ornament kit. 

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