Prince Ali of Al Kharid has been kidnapped by Lady Keli and her guards. You are hired to get the prince out of the prison. This is a cunning and brave adventure to rescue Prince Ali from the evil Lady Keli.

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 700 coins.
  • 3 quest points.
  • Free passage through the Al-Kharid gate. 
  • Access to the Sorceress’s Garden Thieving minigame.


To rescue prince Ali, you have to go into the palace to have a talk with Hassan who is the chancellor to Emir and ask him if he needs any help. He will reply that he is only managing the finance and you must go to Osman to discuss this matter. 

Then you will go outside the palace to meet Osman. Osman tells you that Prince Ali is under prison by Lady Keli. You have to do two things in order to get the prince out. Ask Osman what these two things are. Osman will reply that the Prince is being captured by Lady Keli and her guards.You have to make a costume and a wig similar to Lady Keli and then tie up and foul the guards after killing Lady Keli. The jail can be opened with a key only, you have to get the key from Lady Keli and make a copy of it. My daughter Leela will help you in this matter. She knows the exact location where they locked up Prince Ali. 

Now you have to move towards Draynor village to find Leela.Tell her that you are there to rescue the prince and ask how you can make a costume, wig and a copy key. Leela will tell you to tie up Lady Keli with the help of a rope and she will also tell where to find the essential items to make a wig and costume. 

Then you will go to the house of Aaggie and ask her to make skin paste and yellow dye for the wig. Aaggie needs a few onions and coins to make the dye and some ingredients for the skin paste like ash flour, redberries or water. Bring all the required things to her and she will make dye and paste for you. 

Once you get the skin paste and dye, head yourself into the house of Ned. And ask him if he can make a wig with the help of wool. He will reply yes he can make a wig. Ned will ask you to bring 3 balls of wool to make a wig.

Then go to Lady Keli and ask that you have heard Lady Keli is very famous in Runescape and ask what’s her latest plane. Lady Keli tells you that she captured a very valuable person. Tell her that you must be very skillful to do so. Lady Keli will reply that she captured him with the help of ten guards and his cell can be opened with only one key that belongs to me. Ask her to show that key. Lady Keli will instantly show you the key and then request her to touch the key by hand. Grab the key and imprint it on the soft clay in your hand and then go out. 

Go back to Osman and give the key imprint and bronze bar to him. Osman says that you will get the key from Leela. 

Then you have to go to Leela to get the key. She will give you a key by saying that take care of this key. This is the only way to get the prince out. 

Go to the prison guard Joe and offer him beer. He will accept your offer happily and will drink a full bottle of beer immediately. Give him two more bottles to make him more happy. As Joe is drunk now, there will be no problem for you to enter into the prison. Enter the prison and go towards Lady Keli. Tie her up with rope and open up the prince’s cell with the key. Ask Prince Ali to put on the costume and wig to fool the other guards and to get out of the prison. The guards will not recognize whether this is you or Lady Keli. 

After rescuing the Prince Ali, go back to Hassan again to get the rewards. 

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