OSRS Elemental Workshop II, The – RuneScape Guide

In the Elemental Workshop Il quest, the players have to discover the Elemental Workshop Il and fix up all the machines there. Then create the elemental bar and convert it into a mind bar.   

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • Ability to craft and equip elemental mind equipment.  
  • 1 Quest point. 
  • 7,500 smithing XP. 
  • 7,500 crafting XP. 


Search the bookcase and find an old book from there. Once you open up the book you will find a piece of paper in it, read what’s written on this paper.  

Teleport yourself to the elemental workshop and kill the elemental earth two times to get two elemental ores.  

Now you need to use the elemental ores on the furnace. Go to the fire elemental to do so.  

Move to the water elementals and search the pipes to find out a key. This key will be used to open up the hatch. Climb down the ladder and enter the elemental workshop 2. Search the crates in the workshop to find 3 coges and 1 pipe. 

Then climb up the ladder and look for a piping system. Replace the broken pipe with your pipe. Go west to the junction box and join the pipes accordingly.  

Move down the ladder and place your cogs on the shafts of the wind turbine. This will fix up the machine.  

Go towards the claw machine and take a schematic drawing from the schematic crate. Open it and follow the instructions. Then move back and go upstairs, craft an elemental claw by using the elemental bar on the workbench. Go back to the claw machine and replace the claw with a new one.  

Then place your elemental bar on the jig cart and pull the lever to pick it up. Then pull the other level to rotate it to the other side where there is lava. Pull the first level to dip it into the lava and then pull the other one to take it back. Pull the first level to bring it down in a jig cart. 

Pull the lever behind you to move this cart and it will reach the pressure machine. Pull the lever to flatten the bar and move the cart forward towards the cooling area to cool down the elemental bar.  

Pull the lever again to move the car towards the wind turbine and turn on the machine for a moment to get it dry. Then take the cart back to the claw machine and pick up the bar. After this, climb down the ladder in the corner and find the extractor machine. Place the bar on the extractor gun and operate the machine. As a result, the bar will be changed into a mind bar.  

Return back to the elemental workshop 1 and place that mind bar on the workbench. This will end your quest.  

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