OSRS Troll Stronghold – RuneScape Guide

In the Troll Stronghold quest, you have to rescue a soldier from Burthorpe named Godric. He is being captured by trolls. Your mission is to reach Troll Stronghold by traveling and rescue him before the trolls eat him. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • Ability to make law runes.  
  • Access to Trollheim and Troll Stronghold. 
  • Law talisman. 
  • Ability to access the Gods War Dungeon.  
  • 1 Quest point. 


You will initiate a conversation with Denulth and ask him how their fight is going on with the trolls. He will reply that they executed all the plans that haven’t got the desired results. They have captured Godric, son of Dunstan. Tell him that you can bring Godric back if you wish to.  

Then you will go to the shop of Tenzing to buy the climbing shoes. Tenzing will charge you 12 gold for the climbing shoes.  

Now you have to climb up the mountains and big rocks. You will face big monster trolls on the mountains. Attack them and bring their health to zero.  

Go on the top of the mountain and kill the general troll and then find Godric. Get Godric out of the prison. 

Go back to Denulth in his house and tell him that you successfully rescued Godric and he is absolutely fine. Denulth will reward you.

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