OSRS Best In Slot Defence Items – Runescape Guide

Magic Defence Items: 

Any Castle wars halo: Halos can be purchased for 75 castle war tickets.. 

Amulet of fury: This is one of the cheaper items for defence.  

Armadyl chestplate: It requires 70 defence and to wear. 

Armadyl chainskirt: It requires 70 defence and to wear. 

Eternal boots: It requires 75 magic and 75 defence to wear. 

Imbued god cape: It requires 75 magic and completion of Magic Arena 2 mini quest to wear it. 

Spectral spirit shield: It requires 65 magic, 75 defence, and 70  

3rd age vambraces: It requires 65 and 45 defence to wear.  

Ring of suffering (i): The Ring of suffering (i) will give you +10 defence bonus but you can double this bonus by imbuing your ring via nightmare zone. 

Ranged Defence Items:

Infernal cape: This item requires the completion of the Inferno to use. 

Crystal shield: It requires 70 defence, 50 agility and the completion of Roving elves to equip. 

Barrows gloves You can use this defence item after the completion of Recipe for disaster and  175 quest points. 

Zamorakian hasta: This item requires 70 to equip. It is a two handed item. 

Dinh’s bulwark: It requires 75 and defence to use. 

Justiciar faceguard: This item needs 75 defence to wear. 

Justiciar chestguard: It requires 75 defence to be able to use. 

Justiciar legguards: You can use this defence item if you have  75 defence. 

Guardian boots: It requires 75 defence to wear. 

Ranged Defence Items:

Amulet of Fury: It is a defence neck piece. 

Infernal cape: You can equip it after completing the Inferno. 

Ancient wyvern shield: that requires 75 in both Magic and Defense. Consider Elysian spirit shield, Spectral spirit shield, Crystal shield for crush, magic, and ranged defensive bonuses respectively. 

Barrows gloves: This item requires 75 Hitpoints to equip. 

Ring of suffering: This ring defence item needs 75 Hitpoints to be equipped. 

Zamorakian hasta: This is a main-hand slot that requires 70 Attack to equip.

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