OSRS Slug Menace – RuneScape Guide

In the Slug Menace quest, the players have to discover the hidden passage under the Witchaven village and help them to restore the stolen pages of the Holy book of Saradomin. Sir Tiffy has appointed you to do that. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 3,500 thieving XP.
  • Promotion to Proselyte. 
  • 3,500 crafting XP.
  • 1 Quest point. 
  • 3,500 runecraft XP.


Start a conversation with Sir Tiffy at the Falador park and tell him that you have lost your commorb. He will ask you to go to Col. O’Niall in the Witchaven village of Ardougne. Sir Tiffy will tell you a secret code to remember.  

Teleport yourself to Witchaven and head towards the ship deck, you will find Col. O’Niall there. Tell him that Sir Tiffy has sent you here and ask him about the mission. He will tell you that the villagers are disappearing and reappear again in a confused kind of state. He will ask you to discuss the matter with Brother Maledict, Mayor Hobb and Holgart the Fisherman.

Enter into the church and Brother Maledict, he will tell you that the mayor has asked him to renovate the shrine and also about his congregation.

Find Holgart near the river bank, ask him if everything is fine. He will tell you that he is no longer sailing the boat as the boat is taken back by the Mayor and the Mayor gave the boat to Jeb Wormwood. 

Enter into the building of the Mayor Hobb. Ask him if everything is going well or not. He will reply that they are busy these days in the renovation of the shrine. Suddenly Savant will come out through your commorb and ask you to scan the commorb. Then she will tell you that two life forms currently in the Mayor’s body.

Return back to Col. O’Niall and give him the information that you got from all three people. Then he will ask you to investigate the shrine. Move towards the south western side and enter into the dungeon. Push the wall and go towards the imposing doors. 

Savant will ask you to scan the imposing doors. Then she will tell that these doors look like ancient Saradomin runes. She will ask you to go to Jorral, he can translate them for us. 

Pick up the sea slug from the ground. 

Teleport yourself to the house of Jorral, ask him for help and tell you are working with a wizard who is giving you the instructions. Give the documents to Jorral and he will tell you  that Mother Mallum, a powerful monster was trapped by the Temple Knights a long time ago.

Teleport yourself back to Witchaven and give the information to the colonel. Then he will ask you to go to Brother Maledict again. Tell him that you have discovered a hidden way through the huge doors. He will reply to you to find the stolen pages of the Holy book of Saradomin so that we can find what is behind the huge doors.  

Enter the mayor’s house and search his desk, you will find a piece of paper there. 

Enter into the fishing store and the store owner will give you the second page. 

Move back to colonel, he will give you some pieces of the last page. Try to fix the pieces with swamp paste but Savant will stop you from doing so. Take the ship and go to the fishing platform. Give Bailey the sea slug to make suitable glue for the pages. 

Fix the pages with the help of this glue. 

Teleport to the bank and get the essence. Use the essence on the pages to make runes. 

Then go to every runecrafting altars (mind, air, fire, water, earth) and use the shaped runes on them. 

Then teleport to the Ardougne bank and get the melee weapons. Return back under the dungeon and open the imposing doors by using 5 runes on it. 

There will be a slug prince monster behind the doors. Defeat him by killing. 

Teleport back to Sir Tiffy and tell him that you discovered the imposing doors and kill the slug prince there. He will promote you to Proselyte as a reward and your quest is now finished.

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