OSRS Zulrah – Runescape Guide

In this quest you will be tasked to kill the giant enemy boss Zulrah using different attacking techniques. 


Take a boat and go to the Zulrah’s shrine.  

Zulrah has four phases. In the red mele phase, you have to stand on the tile as shown in the picture to protect yourself from his attacks.  

In the blue mage phase, you cannot avoid the attacks of Zulrah in this phase. You just have to eat some food and continue to attack him.  

In the Jad phase, Zulrah will use magic and ranged attacks to kill you.You should kill Zulrah before he enters the Jad phase.  

In the green phase, Zulrah will use the ranged attacks. You must use your anti poison potion when Zulrah starts to spit venom on you. Continue attacking Zulrah until he gets killed.

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